Ongoing Complications (1000+)

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    “14 years ago my gallbladder was removed due to gall stones blocking the bile duct. The pain was incredible before surgery, so was happy to be rid of it.

    I am now experiencing some major malfunctions such as weakness, pain and neuropathy – at first in my feet, now my legs and arms. (so severe it is necessary to use a wheelchair for traveling more than 30 feet) Also have mild memory loss. After 5 days of tests at the Mayo Clinic, I was diagnosed with a severe B vitamin deficiency. MS was ruled out, fortunately.

    When I returned home from the Mayo Clinic, I immediately starting taking a double dose of B vitamin complex. The pain in my legs, and their strength and have improved. Some feeling has also returned. (With numb feet, the ability to maintain your balance is impacted.)

    I started researching in various areas. From a (Vol. 17,.issue 7)Nutrition & Healing newsletter, written by Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, I learned that those of us who have had our gallbladder removed, should be supplementing with bile salts whenever we eat fats, so that we can aborb water soluable vitamins from our food (that is what B vitamins are). It is too early to tell how effective they are, as I am only in my second week of taking the bile salts. I have always maintained a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables, high fiber, low fat, no smoking or alcohol. Theoretically I should be a poster child for good health.

    My health is so severly impacted that I am no longer able to work, since this June. It is rare for me to drive now as I feel I should be able to rely on my legs to control brake and acelerator. Typically when working, I drove 30,000 miles per year.”


    Hi moscow 2005 I was operated 1987 from gallbladder & I suffer from reflux ever since & take nexium 40 mg everyday. The day I miss I will have real bad reflux. You will have to get endoscopy every couple years to keep an eye on esophagus. I’m sorry!!!!


    I was just searching for gallbladder and alcohol intolerance and found this. I had my gallbladder removed in 2010 and I have not been much of a drinker since then and so I never connected it but I cannot hardly drink at all without a long terrible hangover, heart palpitations, insomnia, naessea, etc. now and sometimes body pain. I thought it was my fibromyalgia, but this makes more sense.


    “Yeah that sucks that you are having brown spots show up. That sounds like a blood infection or something. I would go back to the ER have some blood test done. I will pray for you that it isn’t your liver or anything serious. Hopefully it is something minor. And too the person who just posted something, it takes like 3 weeks for the abs pain to go away, months for it to go away permanently. But at least you can still eat normal food. I cant eat anything greasy or steak yet.

    Little back story for me, the day I got hurt was 6 months ago. I was working out doing dead lifts wrong. I felt like my stomach was on fire and that i pulled my abs apart since I didn’t suck in my gut while doing this. Also I was a big work out buff and made a rookie mistake. So that night I went to the hospital since I was having trouble breathing and have upper abdominal pain. Thought I was having a heart attack since I did so many supplements and stuff. They said it was nothing , did a CT scan of my lungs and gave me some meds. Didnt feel better so they sent me to a Gastrologist . That is when they did a endoscope and seen I had a small/med hiatal hernia, gastritis, acid reflux, and a ulcer. I never had stomach problems before or had heartburn. I use to be able to eat anything I wanted without feeling like bloating or burping up food. So they put me on meds for the acid reflux and nothing worked. Could only eat bland foods and thats when they tried my GB , they did a sonogram and a radiology test to see if my GB was working. No stones it just stopped working.

    So they removed it. Went 2 weeks feeling great after my GB was taken out before my acid reflux came back and pain in my upper left hand side of my abs right under the breast bone. Also I have a shortness of breath, not bad but enough to feel like I have one, also I feel like I gotta lump in the back of my throat. And if I lay down after I ate something within a couple hours and fall asleep on the couch , i will wake up like as if I cant breath and feel like something is in my throat. I cant sleep on my back really cause it feels like a lump in my throat and so I sleep on my sides on a wedge pillow made for acid reflux people.

    Had a CT scan of my (abs) and (pelvic) are and a bacteria test. Both came back normal. So my gastro doc is sending me back to my hernia doc who took my GB out. The Hernia doc is pretty confident it is my Hiatal Hernia. I am hoping it is just that. Cause the Gastro doc said he doesn’t know any other test he could, all the ones I have had already ruled out anything serious. So hopefully this is it, if not I will have to go to George Town to the specialist. Has anyone had these problems or pain ?”


    I’m only 19 years old male overweight. I also have right quadrant pains getting really bad, I’ve had an abdominal ultrasound which didn’t find anything I am nauseous 24/7 I hardly eat, 2 times at most a day all for about 3 months now pain comes on and off and it’ll hurt my back and sometimes cause heartburn very painful sometimes. Certain little things like alka seltzer and cimetidine will help numb it for a bit but not all the time and I at one time was abusing alcohol and now when I do drink every so often it makes my stomach very upset and causes me immediate diarrhea. I too have had the “clay” type stool every once in a while I have no idea what that is or even an idea of what’s really wrong with me, any advice?


    i have had mine removed in aug 10 and since then everything i eat goes straight threw me and doctors couldnt help so i started taking imodium ad and im good for 2 days and then take more and im good i can eat at parties i can drink the only problem is that u have to keep taking it and give your self a day to actually use the bathroom cause you do have to go i usally dont take it on my days off so i can let my bowels


    Can I ask – has anyone actually had any success with their Dr? I had my gallbladder removed two years ago and have been suffering from PCS since – pain, nausea and vomiting etc. I have modified my diet – I don’t eat any meat now as that would cause too many issues (vomiting after eating) I don’t cook with olive oil or eat eggs (as that caused diarrhea straight after eating) and keep somewhat clear of heavy meals as digestion seems to be an issue. In terms of my diet I’m happy now with how I manage it, what I have an issue with is the weight gain I’m experiencing. Just to maintain my weight I can only eat 1300 calories a day PLUS exercise for 60 minuntes each day at high intensity interval and strength training, burning around 700 calories each workout. IF I do not exercise but stick to my diet I can put on 3lbs in a week. I have increased by 2 dress sizes since the summer and I am so depressed it is really impacting my life. I just cannot bring my weight down and I cannot just stay where I am without running myself into the ground. My DR seems uninterested and cannot come up with any ideas – I’ve been seeing them for six months now asking for help…I have started taking natural remedies to help with digestion and aid the process of fats, carbs and proteins but it’s not really helping. There have to be something someone can suggest or help me with because otherwise I just don’t know what else I can do.


    “I had mine out 5 weeks ago. I had no symptoms prior to this until one morning I left my house on a business trip. While driving 30 minutes, I started feeling pain in my upper ribs. Being a male, I blew it off. I then started getting a pain in my gut on the upper right side about another 30 minutes later. Again, being a stubborn male, I blew it off thinking it would go away. Now about an hour later I’m getting bad pains in my gut and a horrific stabbing pain below my right shoulder blade and feeling really bad and unbelievable pain! Next I found myself in the back of an ambulance being pumped full of morphine on the way to the hospital where they determined my gallbladder was shot and I needed surgery. When the doc cut me open (not laparoscopic) and touched my gallbladder he said it ruptured and was one of the worst he’s seen. I spent 4 days in the hospital and was released.

    Since then, I feel like someone punched me in the right upper ribs, belching a lot, and have this constant bloating feeling. BM’s are a c**p shoot 😉 where sometime I have to go almost immediately and other times not for 2 days. Doctor said it could take up to 6 months to get back to somewhat normal. I can deal with that for the most part but the soreness on my right side in a “”real pain”””


    I was diagnosed with acide reflux when I was 19, so about 7 years ago. But I never had any serious problems with it, it eventually went away. I recently had my gallbladder removed just about 3 months ago, about 2 months later, I am really having trouble with acid reflux or whatever is going on. I have never been to the Hospital like I am going now, my doctor has done blood work and said everything is fine. But I am having this all the time, it’s frustrating.


    I had my gallbladder taken out, several years ago. I felt alot better immediately afterwards, and have had no problems related to it since. Since I have and have had other GI tract problems, I have had to be treated for gastritis, GERD, and bowel problems, but as long I stick with the treatment and watch my diet I feel good. (Reduce fat and acid foods, don’t eat too much, and get enough fiber)


    “My name is Jamie, and it’s been a lil over a year since i have my larascopic surgery. Like most of you, I have the bloating, gas and loose bowels. It’s very frustrating my allergies are all out of whack, and so is the rest of my body. I haven’t lost weight but I feel so bloated I couldn’t even tell you if I had or not. If I am having an allergic reaction to foods, then that could be why im staying bloated and not loosing any weight. I do feel worse than before my surgery. I hope that things will get better soon.



    I have never used this before but I think its nice to share ot with other people that is going through the same… My Husband is only 26 and has an stone on his gallblader. Eveything started over a year ago with a very very hard pain that last for a few days! after going to the hospital like 5 times… they show a little stone on an Xray.

    He plays football for a living, so his diet and Fitness are always top.( 7% body fat ) Maybe now and then he can afford to enjoy a nice meal or have a few wines…but nothing more than that, so we still do nto understand why this happend to him????

    The doctor recommended to have very low fat Diet ( specially the saturated fats, these are the worse!) and hopefully wait for it to dissapear …. We did so and to be honest he did not have a pain like in a Year! Just after Christmas, in june the pain came while we were in Spain, so we had to rush to the Hospital again. Here they show the Stone, but a little bit bigger that a year ago.

    In spain they told us that Only if the pain become very very often you should remove it, otherwise its better carry on with a low fat diet

    They said as well that normally they try to remove the stone, unless this is so big that they have to remove the whole gallblader

    My worry now is:

    For the last week he had these pains again but was able to control them, thanks to some medicine they gave us in SPain for the pain ( Nolotil Liquid)

    The last couple of days the pain has gone, but I dont know if it would be better go through surgery and have the stone remove before it gets so big that doctor has to remove the entire gallblader???

    did someone have the stones removed and the problem was solved??

    Anyone here had the same issue, even having a very very healthy life?

    It would be great to hear from someone that can be related to this




    “So I am looking for solutions and find most of you have problems worse than I do. Gall bladder removed in March. Had bad stomach pain below rib cage across middle of stomach through to my back. Only donatol would relieve pain. After surgery, I can eat most anything. Sometimes my stomach feels “”funny””, not painful, just “”funny””. I can eat something to try and make the feeling go away and sometimes it gets better, sometimes no effect. My real problem is that consistently, every morning between 3 and 6 AM, I get the same extreme pain as before surgery. It happens fast. Within one minute of the onset of the sensation, I am really hurting. Burning pain across my midsection, through to my back. But if I eat a banana, by the time I am half way through, the pain is usually gone. A piece of bread works the same way. I need to get something in my stomach. Then I am good for the rest of the day unless I don’t eat for a long period, then the same pain returns.

    Doctor has suspected reflux but extra pills have had no effect (I was already taking protonix). I find no correlation with any foods that I eat. I can drink red wine, eat hamburgers with cheese, raw and cooked fruit and vegetables or seemingly whatever. No matter what I do or don’t eat, the next morning, I get the burning pain. I don’t know what will happen if I can’t eat something, but I dare not do the experiment because I know it will be excruciating.

    I am in the middle of trying to get answers, so if I find anything, I will report back.”


    I had been vomiting 10+ times a day for 9 months. I was in an extreme amount of pain and lost 80 pounds. We had no idea what was wrong. I was diagnosed with Lupus and other disorders but no one would tell me what these symptoms would be from. So, my husband told me after he had seen enough, he was taking me to the hospital. The surgeon stated that not only was my gallbladder full of large stones, I also had gain-green poisoning. They did emergency surgery and I was told all was going to be 100% better. Well, now 2 years after surgery, I am having the extreme acid reflux, heartburn and am having allergic type reactions with extreme pain and cramping and having to be near a bathroom at all times after eating beef, pork and now chicken as well. Is there anyone out there that is having the same issues?


    i feel for all of you….i have been suffering from the same systems for 10 yrs and i still can’t get dr’s to investigate….good luck to you all! obviously, there is no end in site for me!!

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