Ongoing Complications (1000+)

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    “Hi there. I’m so glad I found this thread.
    My doctor just left me a message on my machine telling me that my pain is caused by scar tissue as a result from my gallbladder surgery 5 years ago.
    I have the exact same symptoms you all have described. Pain under/in the right rib cage area. Is it tender to the touch for anyone else? I tought I was going to cry when I had an ultrasound.
    Last month the pain got worse. I always referred to the pain as my “” phantom gallbladder pain”” and I only experienced it durring stressfull times.
    Has anyone gotten over this without further surgery?

    My pain meds just ran out…so I’m very nervous about living through this.

    I hope everyone has a pain free weekend. ”


    It has been almost 3 years since my gallbladder was removed and having some same symptoms as others……..mainly the BLOATING:(….I can’t lose weight no matter what I eat or how much I exercise…I eat healthy, organic and exercise ….on rare occasions I feel normal….no bloat…but can’t put my finger on why yet…I am going to try the enzymes religiously this time…have tired in the past…did not seem to help…


    “I had my gall bladder out in June 2008, and overall, I feel better. For about 8 years before the surgery, I accumulated an extra 175 pounds. No doctor could figure out my problem. Now, I have lost about 70 lbs, but still have a long way to go.

    I experienced the pain, nausea and bowel changes for the first three months, then started to feel better. I changed my eating habits A LOT. I don’t eat pork or fatty meats, EASY on the salt (because it makes bloating worse), no sodas or gassy vegetables, and absolutely in no way, shape or form do I eat fried foods or dairy products. I tried eating french fries a month ago, and I felt miserable for 2 weeks. I have found that changing my eating behaviors has given me a more positive lifestyle – I’m more active, energetic and overall more positive.

    I, however, certainly agree that going out to eat sucks now. I look at the menu, and I can’t have a cheeseburger or wings. It’s depressing. I did find, though, that elimination of milk, eggs, butter and yellow cheeses made a difference. Most of the time I get a grilled chicken breast with a salad. It’s an overall healthier choice.

    The weight loss part is plateauing now, so I have to work a little harder, but I know it will come off. If I have to alter more, then I will.

    Good Luck to Everyone!”


    “I had my lapcol surgery 4 weeks ago. Everything went fine and I walked to the toilet 2.5 hours after the procedure (drugs are great!), no-one warned me abot the lack of bladder cooperation after surgery though. You just sit there and wait until your bladder decide it’s time to go 🙂 This improves after a couple of weeks.

    But regarding the diet, I spoke to my surgeon and my G.P and they both said the same thing. Cut down on the foods that got me in trouble to start with! I was weighing 17 & 3/4 stone at 5’11 and now I’m down to 15 & 1/2 and still going. I can eat anything without pain but I am avoiding fatty/fried food as much as possible eventhough I have not cut them out totally! I do feel bloated if I eat a large meal but I look at this as a good thing it’s a constant reminder not to overeat almost like an alarm system. I now try to eat more often and smaller amounts, I tend to feel more full after eating than I did before so I find that I’m not eating large portions now anyway.

    There is one strange side effect. If I don’t eat I get a weird spasm in my right side where the gallbladder was. It’s not very painfull but it feels very strange, makes me jump out of my seat everytime. I find eating a slice of bread cures it straight away, not sure what causes it but if I find out I’ll post it.

    I just wanted to post this to let anyone who is thinking of getting the op know that it’s not always life changing for the worse. Granted it’s not long since my surgery and if anything changes I’ll let you know but so far so good. But compared to the pain I was suffering this is a massive improvement.”


    I had my gallbladder removed 10 yrs ago ( I was 18) right after my first baby. My doctor did inform me that my body would have trouble breaking down fatty, oilly or spicey foods. He did not inform me however of the disgusting side effects or reactions that my body would have If I did eat these kinds of foods. At first, being young and not wanting to change my diet I still tried to eat fast food and such and I would have these “attacks”. I would get extremly hot, start sweating, stomach cramping, even dizziness when I had to go to the bathroom. What came out was a bunch of loose stool and bile and the smell was awful. After years of these attacks I have learned to cut all fastfood-especially Macdonalds-most hamburger, and anything extremely fatty out of my diet. I love hot and spicey food so I do eat it sometimes but I know whats coming. Over time I have learned to control my reactions so I can go out to eat but if I eat the wrong foods I don’t always have an immediate reaction to them like I used to. Maybe over time your body gets use to it.


    My 18 year old sister is going into surgery to get her gallbladder removed it so unreal i mean why her shes healthy WTF. According to the doctors it was hereditary and her gallbladder has gone bad at first they thought she had gastritis they later found out that was not the case. I feel real bad for her cause after this she will never be the same she wont be able to eat fatty foods unless she want to become fat. The gallbladder is designed to break down fatty foods but with out it shes pretty much screwed I’m so mad why the **** did this have to happen to her i mean shes to young for this ****. I don’t want her to later in life get sick from her liver or other organs do to an absent gallbladder. So far i bin reading articles on people who have gotten there gallbladder removed and most of them have bin having miserable lives and others have gained lots of weight cause theirs no way to break down the fat in the foods they eat. Others have died a few years after they have gotten it removed and thats what scares me. It makes you think what is the life expectancy after gall bladder removal?


    Hi, My name is Ashley. I had my gallbladder removed in 1998, when I was 25 years old. I am 38 now, and I have had the WORST attacks I have ever had with or with out a gallbladder since my surgury. I was told it could be scar tissue, but, yo, this pain is killing me…as I speak. I can’t take it anymore. It’s hurting so bad right now. I had to google this and see if anyone else suffers as I do. I’m glad to know that I am not alone. However, if you feel the pain that I do, I feel very sorry for you. OUCH!!!!!!!!


    hi experiencing the same type of “gallbladder” pains after having gallbladder removed eight years ago………since my gall bladder removal have experienced many many bouts of diareaa mucosy,sometimes yellow in color……..could eat any type of foods and might or might not get the same bowel movements……just five months ago pain began in upper right quaudrant of my abdomen sometimes radiates to the shoulder…..might have it intermittinly for days or might go days without it……..usually occurs in the evening………also radiates across the upper abdomen…….anybody have any idea what this could be……….also has anybody experienced the same kind of symptoms………..please reply………….


    I had my gb remove in july of 2012, and I am problems with diahrrea also. I also had it after a surgery I had in 2008 but that went away pretty much. But this time it is constant. I have to wear Depends because of over active bladder that I plan on have surgery for, but if this keeps up I guess that I will not be able to stop wearing them. It really gets expensive. I take immodiuam before I go out just incase. I never know when it will happen. I have to make a wild dash for the bathroom and sometimes can’t make it. thank God for depends.



    It might be worth trying a natural remedy that people take to reduce cholesterol level….it is called Lecithin :-D. It works very well and if you take it too often it can do the reverse!

    My symptoms after three years:

    Weight gain around the upper middle part of my body

    Going to the loo all the time sometimes 4 or 5 times a day

    Diarrhea if I eat anything too spicy or processed.

    Slight bloating and pain in the area where the Gallbladder used to be

    I have also developed joint aches which is rather rare in our family (I am 45)

    Sometimes bile/reflux at night

    If I could turn back the clock I would have not eaten the rubbish that I did and maybe my Gallbladder would have been OK….I would rather have one than not but the pain of having gall stones is terrible and when you have them you will do anything to have the Gall Bladder removed.




    “Hi All, Have been reading through these posts today, sure is a lot of them, and just want you all to know you are not crazy. This most definetly pain after gall bladder removal. Not sure why but I had my gb removed about 8 years ago. Had several GB attacks before that so thought it was a good idea to have it out. I also had a huge stone sitting in it. So out it went.
    The years that followed were just as painful as when I had my gall bladder.
    I had trapped stones in my bile ducts twice and needed a procedure called an ERCP done twice. That worked fine. But a few years after that I developed pancreatitis from out of the blue. Talk about pain. Wow. Worse than giving birth I needed 2 more ERCP’s done and of course in between many endo’s for GERD. Than developed Barretts Esphagus and IBS.
    I personally think it is all related somehow. My stomach has always been bad, even as a teen I was constipated. I still get gut pain that radiates into my back. One of my doctors thinks it is trapped gas while the other one thinks it is acid building up. So all of you that still get pain after surgery, you are right and it could be a number of things. Good Luck all and feel better. ”


    always constipated after GB was removed and always pain on the left side of my gut


    “I had my gall bladder removed in sept 2010 after years of pain all was well till 3 days later when I was rushed back in with severe pain on my right just under my ribs. I was told it was probably a stone left behind in the bile duct so I had X-rays CT scan MRI scan blood tests and they found no reason for my pain it is one 16 months later no further on in my quest to find out what is wrong with me I am in constant pain every single day I am taking slow release Morphine slow release tramadol to keep the constant pain at a tolerable level. I also take immediate release Morphine for when the pain in so unbearable that I’m confined to bed this happens most times after eating… My DR doesn’t seem to have anymore interest in finding out what is causing the pain I feel as if the medical profession has not only let me down but have given up on me. I’m only 50 I don’t want to be in this pain anymore and to to be put on a shelf and forgotten. I had a gastric bypass in 2009 I lost loads of weight thought I had my life back but now I’m stuck indoors cos I can hardly manage to walk to far without having to sit down or just go home… I’m hoping someone out there has some answers PLEASE!

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    “To know i am not the only makes me feel a little better, but i just got so depressed reading everyone’s stories/
    I had my Galbladder removed on 8/11/11. It was an emergency procdure. before the surgury i was doing weight watchers and going to the gym 4 times a week, doing zumba and treadmill or elpitcal. zumba 2-3 times a week. after the surgury i am gaining. all in my stomach area. i went to weight watchers the other day and didnt lose but gained .2 lbs. not alot. but i busted my butt. My face is thinning out, my legs and arms to not my stomach. i am so frustrated. i dont know what to do.
    i never was a soda drinker. and the last 2 yrs. sticking to healthy living. cheating occaisonaly/ since had it done. no beer. no cheese. no soda at all. i would have a diet coke every now and then. it water and unsweet ice tea, coffee now..
    if i eat cheese i am sick for days. and i noticed i crave salt where i never ever used salt or cooked with it.

    i am going to try that bile salt people are talking about.


    I had my GB out a couple of years ago. Up to now I have not had problems but now I can am getting a reminder of what things were like during the year leading up to my GB giving up. An uncomfortable feeling – heavy, slightly sick a few hours after eating. I spent most of today just having water and lemon/olive oil/water shakes (3 altogether), and it felt good – then I ate a light meal for tea and regretted it a few hours later. My theory, for what it’s worth, is that something is causing a back up of bile, but the sensation is slightly lower and on the other side to where my GB used to be. So I guess I am going to have to start flushing again. Does anyone have advice on flushing when you don’t have a GB anymore? Are there any parts of the standard method that need to be changed? Thanks guys.

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