Ongoing Complications (1000+)

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    “Good day everyone first time on line. My story is this, I have suffered for 5 years with colon bowel obstruction,s due to severe colitis,Pills, pills and more pills. Well I found a surgeon here in Windsor Ontario that is great, also a carrying doctor, takes time out to listen and just not push you out of the room.
    It comes my lover Tommy the Toilet Ha Ha, I go to the washroom for 2 weeks about 14 to 17 bowel movements a daay, severe paain, I wounldn’t want aany of my enemies to have this disease, not even x-husband. This colitis is so hard to understand unless you have experience it yourself.

    My surgeon gave me a scan that looked at my whole inside organs, my gallbladder was full of pile and lots of toxin, this could have killed me, thaank the Lord that he found out about this, gallbladder was removed. Saw my surgeon yesterday, this is sadness to me, he examined me and still great paain throughout my whole gut;s , even where gallbladder was. He order an emerency ultra sound with blood work, I could feel his vibes that something is not right. I could see it in his eyes.

    My surgeon is got me on Demoral for pain, anti-depressants for nerves only cause I’m a great concerner of other human beings. I have a soul of love for all people. I take three different kinds of pills to keep he bowels moving so I don’t get obstruction, I can feel one coming on, I know my body to a tea. My surgeon, ordered me something new called Cholestyramine, lots of side effects, I will try it to see if there is a difference, Drank a package last night and this morning of Januaary 21/2000, I feel so sick that I want to throw up, stomach great pain. I live in a home with stress, but stress is reality in our time of day.

    I’m afraid now, side affects say, constipation, consist of distention, bloating, flateluence, nausea, vomiting, diarreha, anorexic, heartburn, indigestion, rash, irratation of skin, tongue & perianal pain. Man I’m going to drink some again cause I was in hospital through Xmas holidays, I haate the hospital was living there. Can anyone give a few ssuggestion. Woman who loves the Lord in deep sorrow of health and pain.
    Please write to me just for friends to talk and care about each other. Windsor woman. God Bless & may the Lord restore us all to good health. Send a miracle to all suffer’s of pain. Liza Known as angel eyes.


    i was very young when i got my gallbladder out i was old 6 year old and now 11 year on i have had major pain all though my stomit and when i lose weight it get worst. all of my doctors that i have seen just blame it on my period pain now that i have pain relief for that now i am thing that it is scar tissue my pain is now making me sick and its interfering with my work if any one has ideas in what i can do then please i will try anything


    Getyour doctor to prescribe a cholestyramine powder. It works super for this.


    Well I’m glad I saw this post. It doesnt make me feel great but I was ready to go back to the hospital. I had my gall bladder out yesterday and although I know it is only one day my stomack is so blown up and hard I can almost not breathe. My cousin has this surgery a month ago, had chinese food that afternoon and never had a problem. My stomach is so bloated I am scared. I will wait until tomorrow and then call the doctor and make sure that he thinks it is ok. When I can breathe my stomach hurts. I am so afraid of surgery I waited a year after I was told I should have it removed. Everyone convinced me it would be better and maybe given a weeks or so I will progress. I have trouble with my blood pressure but it has been running low. It is way high today. Anyway I guess I will call doctor tomorrow if I am not comfortable just to make sure.


    I had my gallbladder removed about a year ago and I have some of the symptoms of dumping syndrome, but I also had them before the surgery so I’m not sure what the cause is. Please try not to be ashamed about this or to ask questions of your doctor. If you don’t talk about it, you cant’t get help and feel better! And believe me, doctors have heard it all — what you descirbe won’t be surprising or strange to them at all. Good luck.


    I too am going through the same thing…dull pain right beneath my right rib cage. Kind of scares me. Did you find out anything Alisha? I know you post was over a year ago.


    I had a c-section in sept 2010 with a lot of complications. Turns out, the hormones from pregnancy can cause your gallbladder to go on the fritz and quit. Mine did. I had a 0% ejection, which means it was completely non-functional. I had it removed laproscopically on Oct 1st 2010 and was discharged the next day. I did make myself walk a lot, which was very painful, but made my recovery much faster. Now that its been 4 1/2 months, I have gained a ton of weight. It shows on the scale and in my looks. =( very frustrating. I find that eating a lot make my stomach very upset. I have been sick on and off for the past month with nausea and vomiting. I thought it was my hormones, but now I think its from having my gallbladder out. The last couple weeks I may eat 1 meal a day with a couple snacks here and there. I still don’t feel right, but what I don’t get is the weight is still packing on!!! I feel like I could completely quit eating and I would still gain. So, I did a little research and the findings were: women on a low fat diet who did not exercise much if at all had an increase of 2.1 points in their body mass index (BMI); women who exercised regularly and were on a low fat diet had an increase in their BMI by 1.4 points. I havent changed my diet since the surgery. Everything tastes different and I have had NO diarrhea, just constipation. I weighed less pregnant! Thats not right!


    I’ve had my galbladder removed a little over a year ago. Afterwards, I also kept having pain in the upper right abdomen where the gallbladder used to be. the pain goes around my back too. It only last for 10-15 minutes but it was severe enough for me to walk out of meetings a few times. I had the pains daily. the docs put me on a variety of heart-burn relievers but they didn’t help at all stop the pain. then, I’ve read an article about bile reflux disease and that heartburns meds like prilosec, tagamet, etc can actually make the problem worse. I stopped taking those and indeed the pains decreased in frequency…now I only have them once or twice week. I still get heartburn once in a while and if I end up taking heartburn meds, I;m sure to have the pain a few hours later but overall I’ve not been able to find a definite cause/aggregators for the pains.


    “I had my gallbladder out a week ago and am experiencing this… the pain, the doctors telling me I’m fine, etc. It took them four days to realize I was leaking bile (until then they told me everything from “”You’re just sore”” to “”You’re just constipated””). Fortunately my leak is small and might heal on its own, as I’m feeling a little better these days.

    I am very lucky that my pain, while severe, seemed to be somewhat short-lived (I hope I hope I hope). Four days of it was awful – my heart goes out to all of you living with this on a daily basis. I’m so sorry.

    Unless it’s an absolute emergency, I’m avoiding doctors, hospitals, surgeries, and the modern medical community at all costs from here on out. It’s all about money.

    The only thing that helped me when I was in that much pain was to bake some cannabis muffins. It’s the Earth’s natural painkiller and (especially when ingested as opposed to smoked) really relaxes the muscles which helps with some of the spasming. Yeah it’s illegal – but damn. When doctors won’t help you, you gotta turn to Mother Earth. It’s also much, much, MUCH safer than the “”medicine”” docs prescribe – eat too much cannabis and you’ll be laughing. Eat too much hydrocodone and you’ll be dead.”


    “I have a question because I was confused on this. When I got my gallbladder taken out, there was a brief time where I could eat whatever I wanted. And now when I eat I get sick… And I get sick when i dont eat. Diahreah(sp) and stomach pains and just BLEH! As im writing this I even feel sick. And I had an egg… Is there any of you that could eat for a little bit at a time, and now cannot hardly eat at all?



    “I was so glad to find this website. I had my gall bladder taken out last year at age 38 and I was 7 months pregnant. It has been about 9 moths and I ended up having a stillbirth at 8 months. They are not sure why, not sure if from surgery.
    But my stomach is always torn up. I like to drink vodka and oj and my stomach hurts a lot the next day. But now it just hurts all the time. I have little red pieces of something in my stool, do any of you have that?
    I have to sleep on my stomach with my fist pushing on my lower stomach to relieve the pain. And my hangovers are longer but I have always had that problem so I can’t tell if its worst all though they suck sometimes. Sometimes not to bad with the vodka (potato).
    any feed back would be appreciated.”


    hello. well i just wanted to say that i had my gallbladder removed october 2004 . i don’t have pain actually i fell releived , they end up removing mine because i had gallstones on my gallbladder wich came from me eating alot of greasy food, but the only problem is , if i continue to eat to much greasy food the gallstones will end up on my kidney your gall bladder is what breaks the fat from food . so in order to keep my bowels moving your suppose to eat anything that has fiber in it .right now i’m having intestines problems and that ‘s because of the surgey that i went through with my gallbladder, so i ended up constipated for so long that my intestines became infalmmed, but i done had an ulcer, infection in my stomach from cyst on my ovaries to my gall bladder being removed, so my advice for the pain that you’ll have is pray and always get a second opinion , and i will pray for you’ll.


    “I have been going thru this for 3 years now. There are a some things I have found, thru trial and error, that cause alot of pain: Eating fresh fruits or vegetables on an empty stomach, Over eating, Eating gassy foods, such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower. For example: I cannot eat bananas, Bananas will make me sick for 5-6 hours and nothing helps the pain. So this is what my gastroenterologist has told me to do.

    Eat several small meals in a day

    Avoid eating fresh fruits and vegetables on an empty stomach. I do eat them, but a very small amount, just to take my cravings away.

    I have found canned peaches and some cooked vegetables do not bother me, but eating only a very small amount. Yogurt is a very good to put back good bacteria in the intestinal tract.

    And last, but not least, my gastroenterologist gave me a pain patch. It is a sticky patch that you can cut to any size and I put it near my incision and it takes the pain away.

    I have had to learn the hard way over the last 3 years, I hope that what I have learned will help your mother-in-law and anyone who is going thru this.

    Take care, Lisa


    I am almost 5 months out and have dropped to under 100 lbs and feel horrible everyday in pain cant eat sick you name it all bad I have it. I am going to the stomach doctor on the 10th of May and was wondering how you are feeling and do you have any thing figured out yet that has help. This is killing me I cant even work because I have lost alot more then just my gallbladder and am hopeing for help!!!


    “When I had my gallbladder removed a few years ago, I was off work for 3 weeks. It is also against the law for your work to harrass you while you are off on medical leave. I wouldn’t go back until you feel well enough.

    I know a few people who had gallbladder attacks even after having the gallbladder removed. One was told there was a stone that had gotten lodged somewhere and the other ended up with some type of infection. H-Pylori (or something like that). The only problem I have afterwards was I ended up with an eroded esophagus and am now on medication, but in all honesty, I had no symptoms (guess I was lucky). They found that during another test.

    Take care and get the rest you need.”

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