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    I had my GB removed on March 17, 2009. Since then, I to have been experiencing difficulty with diarrhea. I am so afraid that one day I may not be able to make it to restroom in time (at work or home). If not, this would be just devastatingly embarassing for me. But from reading everyone else’s blog, I see that Immodium maybe just a partial relief to my situation. But before I result to that, I am going to consult with my doctor. Just this past weekend, I began feeling sharp pains on my left side. But funny though, before I had the surgery, I talked to the doctor and he was explaining to me how it works. His exact words were, “Oh you don’t need your Gallbladder, you can live with out it.” BS! I have been experiencng issues ever since it was removed. Like I told him, if I didn’t need it, God wouldn’t have given it to me. Needless to say, I sure hope this problem works itself out and fast, because I can’t take too much more of this ALL day business in the bathroom. LOL!


    “My gb issues came with pregnancy like most women, and I had mine removed, and it was the WORST decision I have ever made, hands down!

    Before, it was a sharp stabbing pain on occasion; now it’s constant food issues, digestive trouble, and I have not had a normal bowel movement in 12yrs!

    If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t have had the surgery done.”


    “Tags: surgey, gallbladder, malpractice, informed consent, hack, diarrhea, medical lies, medical avoidance, physician minimization
    I had my gall bladder removed a few years ago. It was a bad medical decision. Up until a few fairly mild attacks I never had any GI problems that I would consider out of the ordinary.

    Since then life has been a constant challenge. I use Questron and hate it. I have used ginger which seems to work for a while but eventually fails. I have tried to alter my diet. Including excluding etc – nothing seems to work.

    Then I occasionally come to these forums and read the arrogant responses of some of the hack physicians who treat this as an abnormality. I do medical research for a living and there exists some fairly strong anecdotal evidence, at the very least, that this is a fairly ubiquitous event.

    Personally I think gall bladder surgery is an easy money maker for docs. Who is going to challenge it anyway, The insurance company doesn’t want to see your damn organ to see if it is diseased. I think the prevailing attitude by many physicians is there is no answer to this. They treat it casually, called minimization, simply due to the fact they do not want to address the issue. Many do not have the cojones to admit they have no solution.

    They fail in the whole area of informed consent. This should be disclosed prior to surgery and discussed fully before having the surgery.”


    Oh my goodness! Unless the doctor has had his own gallbladder out he does not know what he is talking about! Keep away from fatty foods for 6 weeks or more! Gradually introduce them back into your diet, one at a time. It is going to take you 12 to 18 months or more to learn what you can and cannot eat so you are going to have to be very patient with yourself. I had my surgery 25 years ago, and I still have days I have to be very careful and not eat much fat. Over a long time your system will adjust somewhat. The thing is the gall bladder stored all these digestive enzymes and squirted them out after you ate which helped digest those foods especially the fatty ones. So now you have a constant dribble of gall/enzymes all the time and when you eat a fattty meal and it gets to the small intestine there is no where near enough enzymes and things to help digest it. So you have to be careful. I used to get terrible diarrhea sometimes and I still sometimes have pain like a stone trying to pass. Just be very patient with yourself and eat low fat low cholesterol for awhile, give yourself time to heal, then very slowly add things to your diet. Some you may never be able to eat again, but that is life after gall bladder surgery.


    Who was this doctor who treated you that did not place restrictions on your food intake? If this was my doctor, I would of ran screaming into the night! I had my gallbladder removed on July 22nd 200. I had the laporascopic surgery and had one of the best doctors in the State of MD. The doctor explained that since the gallbladder’s job is to process the fat that will then be taken to the liver and eventually the small intestine, once removed I would have to wait until the liver takes over the function of the gallbladder I no longer had. For the next 3 months I will be on a strict bland diet eating 1800 calories. In no way shape or form did my doctor indicate that I was to stop at Burger King or dairy queen or not have any restrictions on what you can eat! Remember, you no longer have that “fat breaker” in your body. Take it easy, and allow the liver to transition to its new job. It will take time. To get this surgery and then go home to eat anything you want is an act of self annihilation! I am not in pain right now whatsoever and my friends cannot believe how swift my recovery was. My procedure was an emergency, because for years and years and years I had been going from one doctor to another who told me I had muscular skeletal pain and to take protonix for my GERD. What did I do? I fired my doctors and moved on to another hospital and started all over again! What right do these people have to experiment with your body? Do they have to go through what you are all going through now??? Money or no monies no one had the right to make your lives a living hell! I would recommend that you all take pencil to paper to the State Medical Association and give them hell! Tell them about these butchers and protect yourselves! Refuse to live like this for the rest of your lives. Get up and empower yourselves!!!


    “I am sorry you are going through this. I have had GERD for well over 13 years now. There are days, weeks and months when it is almost completely absent and also days, weeks, months when it is present constantly. As with you my GERD began after gallbladder removal.

    Unfortunately what they don’t tell you is that somewhere around 40% of people who went through gallbladder removal will have GERD. My stomach doctor says the number is between 40 and 60%. He says they don’t really understand it but believe it has something to do with the way the gallbladder handled bile. He also said most folks who develop GERD may also have chronic gastritis and/or a hiatal hernia (as is in my case). Unfortunately, he said there is no real cure just treatment. However, there are ways to really effectively treat it. He said, if you are overweight, drop 20 pounds. He also recommended that I look into food combining as for some people the GERD is related to what and when they eat and how it is prepared. Never skip a meal because your stomach is set to expect food at specific times and about an hour before you normally eat it starts ramping up the acid to prepare for digestion. If you don’t eat the stomach will keep putting out the acid because it keep expecting the food.

    Yes. I had stones that were actually outside of the duct. I burp alot. I get upper chest pains so bad that it’s hard to tell if it’s GERD or heart attack (hospitalized 4 times for heart but never found any sign of heart attack – only found GERD), upper and middle abdomen pain (above belly button and below breast bone right alongside hital hernia and gastritis), get twinges in lower right side which goes away after passing gas. I also do not get awakened from GERD pains. Mine are many during waking hours.

    This is what my doctor said: The thing is the ppi’s may or may not work. You had surgery–it is major surgery. Major surgery creates a lot of stress on the body for anywhere from 8-18 months. Stress will make GERD worse. Try to relax. Do not skip meals. Eat small meals made up of easy to digest foods that do not cause gas. No fried, high fat, or high sugar foods as these can make GERD worse. You might want to try sipping soups (that helps me) and liquid calcium (helps calm the stomach). No caffeine or carbonated drinks, chocolate or foods high is acid (especially critic acid), or mints.

    A friend of mine eats Aloe Vera for a week and it seems to help (said the juice does not). Problem is–it is extremely nasty tasting and some people can’t eat it withou vomiting.


    “I had my gallbladder removed 20 years ago. I had just finished college, I am a GUY, and like many others I suddenly started to have the most horrible heart burn. However because I was a guy I went to the doctors for months and always went home with the same diagnosis…you are eating too much spicy food. I even became extremely jaundiced (sp?)…I was YELLOW, and still the doctors didn’t have a clue.

    Finally one night at 3 in the morning I went to the hospital and I wasn’t going to leave until someone told me what was wrong with me and low and behold a nurse, working that night shift, asked me a few questions and told me it sounded like I had gall stones. A quick scan of my tummy and sure enough I was full of stones.

    However back then they gutted you like a fish to remove the gall stone, and I’ve lived with a 7 inch scar right down the middle of my stomach. But problem solved, or so I thought.

    Wrong – and this is the problem and I think I’m hearing the same thing from people on here.

    There is no follow up treatment to clearly explain to people the long-term effects of having one’s gallbladder removed. You’ve heard a lot of them here, but with time they do get worse. I’ve managed through them and have had a pretty normal life, but my digestion system is not what it should be, and as one gets older it does get worse. I’ve recently began having serious stomach pain, which the doctor says is irratiable bowel symdrome. It probably is, but I have no doubt it also has to do with the fact that I’ve gone 20 years without a gall bladder.

    I have no had prolems with gaining weight, but I have had unusual displacement of where the weight ends up…i.e. skinny legs, more fat around the tummy, and just feel bloated almost every time I eat.

    Do not let any doctor tell you, especially if you are younger, that having your gallbladder removed won’t affect the quality of your life. That is a lie.

    However, you have to do what you have to do, and my gallbladder had to go.

    I think the medical community really needs to start focusing more effort on the long-term effects of living without a gallbladder, and give people more information on how to deal with your diet after it’s removed.”


    “Dear All,

    I have not and need not my gallbladder to be removed.. I am however one of unfortunate victims of this procedure as the love of my life and bearer of my children is on day 7 of her recovery in the hospital.. To respond to an earlier post the procedure used to determine if there are any bile leaks is called a HIDA test.. (Hepatobiliary Imaging). I still believe that we had no other option than to remove her gallbladder however I wish to convey to anyone who reads this EXPLORE EVERY OTHER OPTION FIRST…… I have no idea when my love will return and what after effects this will cause but I do know that pain is not normal.. Remember the doctors work for you… If they don’t listen do what I did… Slam them against the wall and let them know they will be next to be laying on their backs if they don’t listen….

    Best wishes to you all,


    I had may gallbladder removed on Oct. 27th and now my symptoms are 100 times worse!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve just now gotten home because they kicked me out!!!!!!!!!!!! After surgery they took me off IV meds and had me take Violin which did not work for the pain. I was sent home the day after surgery where the pain and nausea got so bad I went back to the hospital because I was throwing up everything. They did an x-ray and said my bowls had stopped working which can happen after surgery. They gave my stool softener (suppository) worked way too well. On the second day back in the hospital they gave me a CAT scan and had me drink barium, immediately after I went into what felt like confulsions for the rest of the day and night throwing up buckets of bile yes two buckets well hospital garbage cans. They said nothing showed up and my stomach was adjusting again they made me start pills and sent me home with hydromorophone generic for Dilaudid still did not help the pain. I ended up not able to keep anything down again, went back to the hospital telling them just to kill me! The second they gave a large amount of Dilaudid thew IV and nausea medicine I felt better. They took me to get a hida scan to see if I had a leak. The test came back that I had fluid not moving. Which they couldn’t explain I had three more then they sad the fluid was not there any more. I’ve two more CAT scans which I refused to drink the barium, a MRI, and a stomach scope the only thing they said was there was an abnormality in my small bowel and the sooth muscle in my stomach was too smooth, they are waiting for the biopsy the took during the scope to see if I have an allergy to glutin that just all of a sudden appeared. Any way if that comes back negative they are going to send me to a special hospital in Seattle. Just a worning the surgeon just now told me that Gallbladder surgery is like any other test they do. That’s really what they told me!


    “Recourse for bile duct injuries
    Have any of you successfully sued for a bile duct injury? My original surgeon unknowingly cut through my main bile duct and a week after I was sent home I had the excruciating pain, bile leakage, and peritonitis that many of you have described. I had a drain implanted and was then transferred into the care of a specialist at a much better hospital. He performed a roux-en-y to reconstruct a bile pathway. I contacted several lawyers. None would take on my case and the gist of their response was “”Too bad this happened to you but you’re fine now and no jury would find that damage has been done.”” Now 3 years later I have bile duct strictures, two (probably permanent) drains, the possibility of another major open abdominal procedure as well as a somewhat slimmer possibility of a liver transplant. I’m going to contact lawyers again, with the news of my now chronic condition. Any advice based on your actual experience would be most welcome. I am not looking to get millions; I simply want to recover lost wages and cover future medical needs.”


    “Gall Bladder/ Bile Leak
    This makes me so mad and scared. I have just come home about an hour ago from spending 3 weeks in hospital. It started out with Lap Chol elective surgery. I was waiting since august last year and had 3 major Bilary colic attacks whilst waiting. Finally I had surgery a few weeks ago. They stated my gallbladder was inflamed, scarred up and diseased with gall stones. The procedure was meant to of gone well. I was kept in hospital for 4 days afterwards with a drain tube. Which was draining a weird colour. The day I got the tube out, the dressings around it were GREEN (which to me indicates BILE). Nothing was said.. and I was sent home even tho I didnt feel right. 4 days later I woke up at 3am in excutiating pain the ambulance came and rushed me back to hospital. No pain killers worked.. Morphine, Endone Nothing.. pethadine was the only thing that touched it slightly.. Unfortunately the hospital I was at wasnt able to do any upper gastric surgery so I was transferred to another hospital after a CT scan showed half a litre or more of Bile in my stomach cavity. I was put into emergency surgery that night and cleaned out via keyhole again. Then a couple of days later I had an ERCP for the stent in the bile duct. I then suprisingly got Pancreatitis from the ERCP. Fun times…. NOT.. So I stayed in hospital 9 days after the bile cleanout.

    I am having trouble keeping food in…. constant upset stomach and pain under my right rib. I’ve complained to the dr everyday.. but he just brushed it off and said its all fine.. and I can go home.. Whatever..

    I’m so mad… and depressed.. I honestly would of kept my gallbladder if I’d known this was going to happen. It annoys me off when I hear people have straight forward surgery and they are fine… But from here it seems lots havent had good surgery.

    Is there something we can do??
    I’m up for it…”

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    “Gallbladder nightmare 6 yrs ago
    Had the leak and stent placed and all was well except I should sue for abuse and malpractice. Story too long to tell.
    Anyway, last week had right side pain in middle of night lasting 5 minutes, figured it was gas. Then yesterday got a mid gastric pain that lasted for hours. Doubled over pain but no vomiting. Finally better before bed, but could it be from 6 yrs. ago??? I have no insurance.”


    I had my gallbladder out three weeks ago and have been having issues. The gas is so bad at times i have thought about going to the hospital, but i know what that is. The symptoms i have been more worried about are the hands and feet going numb to a degree. I cant really explain it other than it feels like they are going to sleep, it is difficult to do normal things during these times. Sleeping is something i have not done any of since surgery, wow, i miss sleeping. Between the gas that keeps me up in pain all night and the tingling sensations of my arms and legs, i have not slept more than three hours any given night. Wish doctors would listen more and understand that there are side effects of gallbladder removal. I was told all my symptoms would be gone and i would just be happy and healthy again, so wrong!! I spoke with the surgeon yesterday and told him about my bloating and horrible gas issue and was told to see an allergist for my issue! An allergist?? He stated that it must be a food allergy as it was not due to the surgery…Anyhow, my rant is over and it is comforting to a degree to know others have the same symptoms, although sad that anyone has this issue. thank you


    I have undergone ERCP due to gall bladder stones. Doctors’ have advised me the removal of gall bladder and assured of no side effects. But you all helped me not getting the Laparascopy done. Recently I have approached a famous Homeopathy Doctor and explained my complete medical record. He suggested me the medicine and guaranteed of no stones/no pain for a several years. The medicine is effective and my recent tests proved that.

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