Ongoing Complications (1000+)

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    “i had the gallbladder removed in 1962, the old fashioned way, no laser surgery.

    I have that pain in the area,sometime, but one gastrospecialist mentioned it is called gallbladder syndrome. I do not restrain myself on special foods and it comes and goes. as a matter of fact, some products with cream do help. i cannot do them daily because i am ibs, but they help. digestive enzymes also help with the foods and pain.

    it is unbelievable to say, learn to live with it, because the pain can get unbearable.

    you will have to work with it on a individual basis. but do not give up. jzs”


    Hi had my gall bladder out in 1999. Have never been over weight take daily dog walks over 2miles . I eat a very low fat diet. But every now and then I do ,too much ( gardening , house work) and am ill for up to a week. Bad pain in my side and almost a bit shaky . All I can do when feeling like this , is lay down sometimes for days . Until energy and pain are bad to normal.


    “I am 46 years old and had my gallbladder removed in 1971 when I was 17 years old. The surgery was done the old fashioned way and the recovery process was slow and very painful. But nothing to the pain and agony I went through till I had surgery. I too have had episodes of the Dumping Syndrome ever since. But my doctors told me it had to do with the digestion process and the absence of the gallbladder which was a bile producing organ. Bile is necessary in digestion.

    I finally was diagnosed with IBS and I do have some food allergies. I have found if I delay my first meal of the day and eat sparingly at that first meal I do better through out the rest of the day. Believe it or not the product that will calm my stomach and settle me down best is Pepto Bismal. I have been prescribed many RX’s over the years… Imodium helped too.

    In the beginning it was much worse than now. (Being pregnant was the worst I ever had the diarrhea, I was hoping for constipation like the rest of my friends.) Now I go weeks or months with pretty much a normal approach to BMs. But stress can wreak havoc on me, and once I start having episodes, it takes time to settle back down. It is something I have learned to live with and tolerate. ”


    Yes, it seems my acid reflux is over the roof since my gallbladder surgery. I was on prescription strength Prilosec and it was fairly under control. Today I changed to Prevacid and it seems to be helping better but I do have a slight headache. I guess would rather put up with a headache than the acid bath washing up against my throat. Let us know how your outcome is with the Nissen procedure. The surgeon offered to perform the Nissen for me at the same time he pulled out my gallbladder but I got scared and didn’t take him up on his offer. I hope I didn’t make a mistake and live to regret it.


    “Just remember that people come onto forums like this when the going gets tough, and that it isn’t representative of most people’s experience. I had my GB removed in 2006, and to be without that excruciating pain hanging over my head every time I put something into my mouth is worth every single post-op twinge and discomfort.
    I found at first that ice-cream and anything with a high fat content had me running to the loo within minutes, but I use soya milk anyway and this far down the line ice-cream doesn’t seem to affect me as badly as it did (give up ice-cream, you say? May as well stop breathing!).
    Hope it all goes well for you, make sure that your post-op pain is managed properly. You will feel swollen and gassy, but it is only temporary, remember.
    Come back and tell us how you did.

    PS I came on here today as I woke up with bile in my throat – first time ever, but if I have helped you a fraction, it will have been worth it.
    Take care,


    “Dont do it unless you change your diet first and still have problem after a few months, unless its an emergency. Had mine done 8 months ago and have been miserable since. Same problems plus feel so bloated with distended stomach that makes me sleep on my back. Do that for a while and you sleep poorly, which makes for overall bad health. Constant feeling of fullness and yawning. Diet is more restricted. Miserable.
    Top it off by learning there was nothing wrong with my GB ! IDIOTS !
    Dont know what the problem was before or now. Feel like c**p !

    gall bladder stores bile, some water is sucked out by GB, which make a concentrate, when you eat you get a squirt of the concentrate. Without it you only get a trickle of regular strength bile, which causes problems for many people. Higher rates of colon cancer as well.
    Surgeons go to school to learn surgery. Thats what their interested in and thats what there taught. Thats what they do, and thats what they get paid to do. They are businessmen and thats their business is. Some are honest and some are not. Dont believe all they tell you.”


    Hi this is my first time doing this I came across of this website and noticed that Im not the only one that is having problems after gallbladder surgery. It has been two months since I had mine taken it out, I have been going though hell and back. I been having diahrrea alot. I cant eat some things they make me sick on my stomach and I have alot of gas. There sometimes I dont want to even eat somedays. I have told myself to go to the doctor but Im afraid they gonna say they cant do anything bout it. I also have seen that alot of you said that dont have any energy that is the same here with me. I want to sleep or lay around all time I think its because of me going to the bathroom so much and its just has took all of my energy.


    “I experienced the two-day hangover. I was a friend’s party the other night and I had way too much to drink which I’ve done before but that was before I had my gallbladder removed. That time I got really drunk and vomitted once, passed out and felt fine the next day.
    The other night I got really drunk very quickly and I was in the bathroom vomitting for three hours straight with uncontroloable shaking and pain. Then like I said I had a hangover for two days after. I wasn’t able to eat much and my stomach hurt bad for those two days. I did the water thing too. You just need another day or so till you feel better. Just let it run it’s course. You should be careful with how much you drink from now on it will probably have the same affect if you over do it. Hope you feel better soon. :D”


    “Hi, I had my gall bladder removed Oct. 21, 2001.

    Since then, I have had severe gas problems. I was diagnoised with bile gastritis Oct. 22, 2001.

    My problem now is this, I have episodes of severe pain, swelling under my left breast putting pressure on my ribs. I have gastrial attacks 1-3 times a month, which are very weakening. (like having a period!) I don’t suffer from a lot of vomiting, once in a while I may vomit.

    The surgeon who did my surgeory, said they have to blow gall bladder patients up with a gas to lift the inside organs so they may get to the infected gall bladder, and they did to me as well. What happened was, when injecting the gas, they had an air pocket, which never was removed, and caused the gas to be trapped in my body, and can not come out. certain things I eat, do, drink, or certain exercises I do, cause the attacks to take place.

    Is there anyone out there who may have experienced the same type of symtoms? Is there any treatment that can help to reduce the attacks? I have suffered 2 attacks already this month and am in the midst of one as we speak! I have tried various types of anti-acids that dont seem to help one bit.

    The surgeon told me, my main problem was, where the gall bladder was removed, and the gas trapped in my body, I don’t break down foods properly, due to the loss of the gall bladder. The bile tube that was attached to the gall bladder, is supposed to systematically drip, and help with digestion, well mine does not, it builds bile in the tube til it can’t hold it anymore, and then dumps it all at once, (cups at a time) causing a severe attack on the body.

    These attacks then lead to hours of running back and forth to the toilet, hours of weaknes in the body, no apitite, and just an overwhelming tiredness, that is hard to fight off.

    I need HELP! my body is not strong enough tp handle more than one attack a month. I’m in the middle of my third this month, and can’t take it. Is there any help out there?

    Thank you.

    Sincerely, Lorie Polan”


    “I had gallbladder removed 3-4 months ago with no follow-up problems.

    But about a week ago I started getting the same dull pain I had before gallbladder removal, ans in the past 3 or 4 days I’ve developed red rashes — first in middle of back, then spreading to right side and now in the front (right side under ribs). Basically the same areas as where pain was. I also have hiiccups on and off for past 3 days. Have an appointment with Doc next week. Could this be bile gallstones form in the bile duct from liver, backing up? leakage of bile causing infection?


    “wow so many if us are in the same boat after having our GB removed.

    I had mine out in June and I’m glad its gone, was told after it was taken out that I would not survived much longer with out the surgery.
    With the GB gone there is less stress on my body and my GERD has improved.

    that’s the positive.

    The negative is all the pain and discomfort associated with eating.

    I only want to eat one meal a day because of the bloating and the needing to know where all the restrooms are just in case I have to run.

    most of the time I feel so toxic and nauseous, my safe foods are no longer safe and the to avoid list is growing, as is the depression.

    they said I’d be glad when my GB was gone, I am glad but that doesn’t mean happy.
    they said I would feel so much better after its gone, I do whilst feeling so much worse at the same time.”


    “Hi,wanted to comment that i also had my gallbladder removed after 7 years of on and off pain in upper right area!!! I also experienced the DUMPING SYNDROME….when a dear aunt of mine brought a deliciuss strawberry cheescake to me a week after my surgery I ate only a little tiny piece and owwwww my lord!!! it was aweful. But, I am a hairstylist and I have supppper clients that I talk about everything toooo and have gotten the best advice!!! do your own research, but I started taking DIGESTIVE ENZYMES and i can eat pretty much anything i want and go to the restroom with dignaty haha!! go to your local health food store and ask for samples and try out a few diffrent kinds to see which work best for u. with this i also started taking probiotics but thats only because i had to take alot of atibiotics before my surgery! trust me …. it has been 3 weeks on the digestive enzymes and i do try to make better choices… but, i have lost 11 pounds …. practically effortlessly. Thanking heavens i felt the need to share this with all of u because i also research alot to find answers the doctors won’t share with us because these products are’nt from a pharmacy and they don’t profit from them.
    hope i could help u
    thanks for letting me share this with all of you!!!”


    I had my gall bladder out 25 years ago and have had on and off digestive issues ever since. About 18 months ago, after gaining some weight I put on some jeans that were unusually tight and when I bent over experienced extreme pressure and pain on my upper right abdomen. Since then, the entire upper right side of my abdomen seems “thick” and like it is one solid mass. I don’t call it pain but just constant discomfort. It radiates to my back as well, feeling like tight muscles in the back. Food often feels stuck as it passes this area. I have had numerous tests and my gastro doctor told me after the last one that he is almost certain it is scar tissue from the gall bladder surgery because the way the surgeon did it (one 5-inch vertical cut just above the navel) required reaching in and moving things around. I think the scar tissue was always there and I upset it with the jeans incident. Anything around my waist is uncomfortable and there are times that it is hard to believe scar tissue can be so uncomfortable. He does not recommend removal. Ugh!



    I had my gall bladder revmoved on July 11. After reading everyones messages there is a problem that I have had since the surgery that has not been covered. I have a hard time going to the bathroom. I have to take Citricel everyday. If I don’t it’s a nightmare. Does anyone else have this same problem or is it just me? I like everyone else cannot eat anything greasy or I head straight for the Pepto!!!!!

    Someone please help!!!”


    I know this is an old post but do some research on Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction. Occurs occasionally after gall bladder removal.

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