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    I have had this problem for quite a while now. Last year, I went to the ER with horrendous pain about 4 inched above the belly button. I had lots of gas, vomiting, cold sweats, and nausia. After running tests, the doctors gave me morphine and made me relax. The pain slowly went away while there. I saw my family doctor the next day. He thought I might have ulcers previous to this attack and had me on prilosec. He scheduled me for testing for my gall bladder at the hospital and it was determined that my gall bladder was only functioning about 16%. The specialist i was referred to put me on a fish and vegetable diet that i have been on for 6 months. When ever i would stray and eat something else, i pay dearly with that same ole pain. Well I just had my gall bladder removed finally about 1 week ago. They gave me cookies, crackers, and some cola to make sure I could keep it all down before I went home. That night the pain was back in full force! Today I am at the tail end of yet another never ending attack being up all nite long. My attacks usually take effect about 6-8 hours after eating certain foods and could last up to 24 hours. Any dairy, fatty, breads, grapes, chocolate, carbonated drinks……….. hope this helps to know you arent alone out there.


    “I suffered from gall bladder disease for 14 years before a massive stone formed and was finally found. I was schedualed for surgery right from the ER and I thought “”yippe! Life is going to get so much better!”” I was so wrong!

    Like so many of you I endured food intolerance, bloating, diarrhea within 10-20 minutes of eating anything, and intense depression related to feeling ill all of the time. I am uncertain of my own condition but I now know that chronic diarrhea can lead to potassium deficiency which can be a serious problem that can contribute to so many other heath problems. Dehydration is bad enough but when you don’t have the electrolytes you need for your cells to transfer the fluids you do have you can become very ill. Potassium deficiency can cause thyroid and kidney problems too.
    You may benefit from a blood test and supplements if you have low potassium.

    I was reading on another board about these problems people face and someone recommended the drug Welchol. Knowing nothing about it I looked it up. It’s classified as a Bile Acid Sequestrant. The drugs are used to reduce bad cholesterol but can help people who suffer from excess bile salt diarrhea related to gall bladder removal. There are three types of BAS drugs but I’ve read that Welchol has worked the best for many people and doesn’t cause gas like the others. However, if you try it and have problems with gas or constipation you may have to work with your doctor on trying a different dosage or a different kind.

    I will be going to my doctor as soon as possible to try welchol first.

    If you want to know more about Bile Acid Sequestrants go here…

    I hope very much that this information can help anyone who reads or posts here. I wish you all good health and happiness! ”


    I had my gallbladder removed in Aug 2006 and one month later I had major pain attacks similar to gallstone attack but way more severe. After 3 emergency room visits in the middle of the night, screaming in pain, vomiting yellow/green bile and 2 weeks of incredible pain, it was finally determined it was Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction (S.O.D.D) which is a possible complication after having your gallbladder removed. Basically it means the common bile duct muscle stopped working and digestive juices back up and causes incredible pain and eventually vomiting if it has closed completely. Many of having pain in the same area as the gallbladder may need to have this looked at as a possible problem. It’s very common after removing the gall bladder. The repair to fix it was an ERCP procedure where they do a scope and clip the muscle to allow it to open, of course there is a risk of pancreatitis after the proecedure so my doctor put in a stent in the pancreatic duct to reduce the 20% risk to 7%. The procedure was immediately successful and I felt better right away. Flash forward a year after that, 2007, I started getting pain on the upper left side under the rib cage, exactly opposite side of the gallbladder pain. Back to the doctors and they did a MRCP MRI and a scope and didn’t find anything wrong. Put me on Nexium for 3 yrs and now Zantac but I still have the pain. I went to a naturopathic doctor who says it’s likelyy scar tissue that has latched onto my intestine and is causing intestinal spasms since the bowels can’t move properly. Massage on the abdomen, low acid diet, low fat diet, small meals, castor oil packs and colonics all seem to help with the pain. Don’t like the idea of surgery to remove scar tissue to then cause more scar tissue. If anyone has done that and had success, please let us know.


    use “FiberCon” (I got mine at Wal mart) I know its a fiber laxative but it works!!!!!!!!! had my gallbladder out in 1 and had diarrhea almost every morning(20 years!!) 🙁 its now 2013. My daughter had hers out this year and I had her to ask her Dr. and he said for me to take FiberCon but not as directed!! you need to take 2 in the morning and just drink enough water to swallow the pills and eat like you normally do. and if 2 doesn’t work use 3….(2 worked for me). And the Dr. said if you get constipated don’t stop taking the pills just drink more water…I hope this helps..I know how it is when your on a family trip and not being able to eat because you know It will send you straight to the bathroom.


    “Hi everyone,

    I know this is an older thread but I figured I would post for anyone web searching out there, like I was. I had my gallbladder removed via single insicion lappy through my belly button about a month ago. after my surgery I noticed right off the bat that I was on the constipated side. The only thing my surgeon told me was to stay away from spicy and fatty foods for a week and then I could go ahead and eat whatever I wanted. after the week was up I went for it and ate a super fatty dinner. I handled it fine, which was great. However after that night whenever I would eat, I would noticed that I would start to bloat up about thirty minutes after a meal. Not as exreme as some of you…but enough that it wa visibly noticeable and enough that I would have to unbutton my pants to be comfortable. After dinner was usually the worst and I would bloat and wake up during the night from the gas pains which were extremely uncomfortable. I have eaten steaks twice since my suregery and both times I had EXTREME gas pains that were almost worst than my gallbladder attacks!

    After some extensive web searching, like i’m sure most of you have been doing, I came across a few sites that suggested taking digestive enzymes. They explained that since we no longer have our gallbladders it is harder for us to break down and digest fats and proteins and just about everything. When you eat a fatty meal or really any meal the gallbladder had been holding bile and after your meal it would release one big spurt of bile to help you digest. Now that we don’t have it it kind of just trickles in and doesn’t do as good of a job digesting and the under digestive food causes gas and bloating. (from what I have read) I went to GNC after reading some reviews and bought their “” Super digestive enzymes.”” It was the best 14 dollars I have ever spent. I have been taking it for a week now and after the second night I have no bloating and no gas. I actually feel normal again and I can keep my pants buttoned all day! I take one after breakfast, one after lunch and two after dinner. Last night I put it to the test and my husband made fried pork chops, cesar salad and baked potatoes with a ton of cheese and sour cream. I slept like a baby, no waking up from bloating and gas pains. I cannot stress how much this has helped me. I work out all the time and bloating like that really bothered me, especially when I work so hard to stay in shape. I have also increased my water intake which I have read thins out your bile and makes it more effective.

    Hope this helps someone out there.

    i’m going to be copying and pasting this in a few diffrent forums so if you see it twice, I apologize : )”


    I too had my gallbladder removed in January 2012. Although I work out faithfully I had seen an increase in my weight… I had taken many “diet” pills to assist with the weight lost but all failed. I have done research and currently I am taking OxBile 3x’s a day and drinking Metamucill in the morning and before bed. It’s working.. im actually losing weight. Good luck to all.. it’s a hard road to take.. but there is a solution that will work for you. I (FINALLY) found mine.


    I too had my gallbladder removed in January 2012. Although I work out faithfully I had seen an increase in my weight… I had taken many “diet” pills to assist with the weight lost but all failed. I have done research and currently I am taking OxBile 3x’s a day and drinking Metamucill in the morning and before bed. It’s working.. im actually losing weight. Good luck to all.. it’s a hard road to take.. but there is a solution that will work for you. I (FINALLY) found mine.


    “I’m a 73 yr old male who had a gall bladder removed 5 yrs ago. I had fallen 30 feet off a roof construction onto concrete and broke 16 bones in the thorax area – back [T5, T6], neck [C5], 11 rt ribs, sternum, shoulderblade – and also had many injured & bruised organs as well as brain injuries. After my spinal fusion and rods placement and 45 days in the hospital & rehab I was back in the hospital in 2 weeks to have my GB removed. Apparently they removed it because it was less than 20% functional and I kept losing weight in spite of high fat diets and hi cal diet supplement drinks. There was an always present low-level nausea and total lack of an appetite. Arthroscopic surgery was used; all was well with that.

    I was terribly constipated by all the oxycodone I was taking and after getting off that at about 4 months post accident and the GB removal things got better fast. I gained back to my usual 175# (from as low as 132#) and the only lasting effect of the GB removal seems to be the unpredictable bowel syndrome sometimes right after I eat breakfast. Once that happens I’m good for the day (or several days) but I’ve learned not to ignore its subtle warnings. As a substitute schoolbus driver on 50-60 mile routes or on 150-250 mile athletic trips that problem warrants some concern but eating about an hour before driving seems to leave time for the warnings to appear if there is going to be a problem; usually there is no problem at all.

    My diet has always included red meat, chocolate, bread, sweets and lots of ice cream (my food pyramid is built on permafrost!) and I’m back to my old ways but I do eat less beef than when I was younger and more active. I like salads, fruit, orange juice, turkey, ham, bacon, eggs & hotcakes [& did I mention ice cream?]. I also drink large quantities of room temperature water, no soda and little coffee. I worked hard at physical therapy, walked miles & climbed a 660′ local hill (mtn?) daily, worked out at the “”Y””, did water exercises and went back to work driving trucks ASAP to get back as much agility as I could. Thank God the back pain finally went away after about a year; I’ll never be strong again or be able to look behind me but I’m in pretty good shape for the shape I’m in! Wishing all you the best in your rehab –”


    Hi Jan, yes this is true, you can get them again, as I was told by another surgeon, not the one who took my gallbladder out! A few years after the removal, I was still having stomach problems and sent for tests for lactose intolerance. It turned out I was – lactose intolerant, and this surgeon told me how to change my diet, otherwise gall stones can form again in other parts of your digestive tract. Lactose intolerance is not the only reason for gallstones forming, just one of many, so read up about the possible causes of them on the internet, ask your doctor and examine your diet as a consequence. In general, cutting down fatty foods cooked in oils, cakes and puddings, as well as creamy, milk based foods and drinks is a good place to start. This sort of diet is often implicated in Chrons disease as well, which is basically inflammation and scarring of the lining of the digestive tract. One of my relatives was taken into hospital with it over Christmas, completely out of the blue, and now has a colostomy bag. My advise, don’t leave it all to doctors, they don’t tell you everything as you found out – do a lot of research yourself then prod them further for answers!


    “Hi there everyone,
    I posted before as I gained 30 pounds after my gall bladder removal in 2008 (with a honeymoon period of about 6 months where my weight stayed the same) and I constantly try to diet it off.I lost 14 pounds but am still 14 pounds over what I was before surgery and boy, it is hard to dislodge.I also got milia spots under my eyes and very dry skin after surgery.I googled these terms to see if there is a relation to gall bladder loss and found that some people think that there is a connection.Some information is here about breakdown of fats and the gallbladder –… They also recommend what supplements to take.”


    My sister-in-law have also undergone gallbladder surgery and was suffering with acute pain at right upper abdomen. When we consulted Doctor, they asked her to reduce meal size and increase eating frequency to get relieve or prevent this type of pain. They recommended to drink juice, water, milk and other liquids, aiming for 8 to 10 glasses per day. The doctor also suggested to have foods such as beans, bran cereals, whole wheat bread, vegetables, berries and other fruits known to have a high fiber content as pain medication, or narcotics, can cause constipation after gallbladder removal.


    I had my gallbladder removed 3 years ago, and I have diarrhea after every meal. I am tired most of the time and I eat all the time and don’t gain any weight. I went to a naturopatic doctor and was told that diarrhea occurs because we do not have enough bile to break up the food we eat. She has given me Bio-gest which makes bile, has to be taking before each meal this will break up the food. She said I was tired all the time because I do not keep minerals in my body after I eat because of the diarrhea. She also gave me Trubulis synergy to take for my fatigue will help rebuilt my testosterone level. Last I have to take a 1/4 teaspoon of fish oil. Go and see a naturopatic doctor for your problem not a medical doctor.


    “What it sounds like is Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction. It is a problem with the bile and pancreatic ducts where they are spasming out of control and the more they spasm, the more pain it causes. I have had this problem for two years now. It started on August 30, 2008. I have been to doctors who look at me to tell me that I created the pain to associate pain with eating. I have traveled to St Augustine, FL from CO to have a Dr who never even did an exam tell me that there is nothing wrong with me, even though I had an attack while I was there, and to go back to CO as he can do nothing wrong with me (as he hands me a prescription for more meds). I have had doctors tell me it is the pain of scar tissue of pulling from the removal of my gall bladder (even though it is the same pain I had prior to the removal of the gall bladder). I have had doctors tell me that I need to see a behavior therapist because the pain really does not exist. This after he cut the bile duct and diagnosed me with Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction.

    I have had the manometry readings show the elevated readings for both ducts to prove they are spasming. I have had elevated Liver enzyme readings showing something is out of line with my liver. I have been hospitalized with pancreatitis multiple times. I have missed my son’s state football championship game due to pancreatitis. I have missed so much of my life due to being sick one week every month for the last two years.

    I know your pain and the only thing I can say is keep looking for the doctors until you find someone who is willing to help you. What I finally found was a pain doctor who did the ERCP with Manometry reading showing the elevated pressure readings. Also I found a pain Dr who did a Celiac Plexis block that showed the GI doctor that it was not in my head and to keep looking for something. And I found a great GI dr who mentioned something about about another type of potential pain and my other pain dr thought about proactively trying some other pain meds.

    I just kept trying. I am not done. I am still trying to get full relief. But at least I have a group of drs who finally believe me. It took almost 18 months and probably 8 drs before I found them. And lots of tears. I wish you the best of luck.

    Also, Google. Google. Google. Don’t be afraid to know more than the drs. This is not a day where you can’t know more than them. Keep looking for someone until you find a dr. who really knows what they are doing. If it really is SOD, you need to find someone who is very experienced, as those ducts are very sensitive.

    Best of luck to you all!”


    “for all of you with bloating, diarrea, stomach cramping, nausea even after you have had your gall bladder removed, make sure that you are tested for gluten intolerance.

    If you are allergic to gluten the disease is called CELIAC SPRUE and you will need to have a gluten free diet for the rest of your life.

    For those of you that are contemplating having your gall bladder removed, have your doctor test for gluten intolerance as well. It is possible that you have Celiac Sprue. In many cases going onto a gluten free diet will resolve the gall bladder problems.

    Look on PubMed for medical references to this”


    “I’ve been suffering for over seven years. My gall bladder was removed and it helped a bit but it did not alleviate the other pains. After seven years and many, many doctors, my blood was test for many issues including arthritis and vitamin D deficiencies.

    My vitamin D levels were so low that the doctor had me take a supplement of 1000 IUCs, 400 is the average adult dosage. After doing a search I found that vit d helps the body ingest calcium among other things.

    After taking vit D for a few months, I’ve noticed my skin is tighter. My joints do not hurt anywhere what they did. My nails and teeth feel stronger and whiter. My hair does not look old, dry and brittle.

    I haven’t had but a little bit of discomfort in my stomach. Now I just have to figure out how am I going to lose the 50 pounds I’ve gained. It seems my metabolism is shot it does not matter what I try to lose the weight. I went from a size 7 to to 14 and I’m so frustrated. If anyone has any ideas please, please let me know.


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