Chronic autoimmune diseases related to gallbladder removal?

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    Hello everyone. My name is Kir and I am 49 years old. I have been sick for over 20 years with numerous autoimmune diseases, including Lyme disease, Lyme co-infections, Candida, hidden bio-unavailable copper toxicity, mycoplasma Pneumoniae, mold toxicity, MTHFR, Epstein-Barr, Cytomegalovrius and HHV-6 that come and go, a clotting disorder, severe adrenal fatigue, POTS, possible Roundworm parasite (past positive saliva test), a mysterious skin condition causing my face to develop spontaneous indentations and I am in Perimenoaouse. I have been through several traumas in my life starting in my early 20’s.

    In 1996, I had my gallbladder out. When they went in, the simple one or so hour surgery turned into several hours, as my GB had exploded and was in pieces, with stones pouring out of it. There was scar tissue in my surrounding organs that had to be scraped off. I went from not being able to eat but five things to literally having a burger when I left the hospital. To me it was miraculous.

    Then about a year or so later I was in a private acting class – fine one moment and when I went to stand up after performing a scene, I couldn’t. To make a very long story short, I developed severe, crippling pain in my legs, with severe spasms in both legs behind the knees first, and then the calves. You could see the skin sink in and out on my legs. I still have constant twitching in my legs. I could not walk without someone holding me up. Two weeks after that my digestion failed. Two weeks after that my hair started falling out and then I lost 100 pounds in three months without trying. I developed excruciating pain all over my body, anxiety off and on, essentially one bodily system failed right after the other.

    I have been to countless doctorsm naturopaths, functional medicine doctors, acupuncturists, etc., but have gotten no help. Currently my worst issues are, which started about five years ago: tachycardia and heart palps (though I have been cleared by two cardiologists), anxiety attacks, adenaline surges, allergies and choking on excess mucous, severe fatigue, to the point of feeling like I have been drugged, 24/7, hair loss (all thyroid tests are normal), severe neck pain with headaches, weight gain, bouts of crying and internal rage, feeling hopeless and depressed from being sick for so long with no help, inflammation all over, fluid retention and so on. I have always wondered if the loss of my gallbladder either contributed to or caused my health issues to manifest. I am constantly battling vagus nerve problems. I did out of nowhere develop severe anxiety disorder about five years before my GB was removed, however, it resolved a few years after it started and I had about three good years before the GB removal, I wonder now if my sick GB and most likely sluggish/toxic liver due to the sick GB caused my severe prior anxiety.

    Can someone please tell me what kind of doctor or naturopath I should look for to help me get this fixed if possible and what can help? Nothing has helped my adrenaks at all. Thanks.


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