Carebear im sorry to hear that your still having problems.Some of the symptoms you are describing sound very similar to mine.Going on 9 months now i was having a gnawing burning feeling on my upper right side right on the ribcage under the breast.I had it off and on going on 9 months ,im still having it but the symptoms are changing somewhat.Now it is not so much a gnawing pain ,as it is an achy sore like pain.Sometimes the pain will go around to my shoulderblade.The pain is now 24/7.Ive also noticed that the pain is less when i dont eat any food at all.And milk seems to help it somewhat.Whatever it is it seems to be progressing.The pain will flare up for a few hrs then subside long enough for me to get a couple hrs of sleep.Now its starting to wake me up out of my sleep around 4 or 5am.Im afraid to eat hardly anything.What im really concerned about is, that i think i might have developed an ulcer while there doing a battery of tests.My doctor called and ordered a prescription called levaquin for me.I looked up the info on it and ,i dont seem to have any symptoms for what the drug is used for.Not to mention the list of side effects scaring the heck out of me.If your pain gets too bad i would go to the emergency room ,and they will do tests right on the spot.Im going to try the new med and if it doesnt help,i might be makng a trip to the er myself.Maybe they’ll listen to what i say there.Im afraid by the time the doctors do listen to me i’ll have either gastritis or a full blown ulcer.I sure hope we dont have the same problem. Good luck on your next doctor visit.Take care.