“i had my gallbladder out in june of 08 and i am SO bloated and FAT.
i feel like ive gained about 50 lbs, but its only (HA!) 17. my belly is SO bloated all the time, i look like im 6 months pregnant. i constantly burp and fart, i dont eat red meat, very low fat, and lots of veggies.
right after my surgery i felt 1000% better, i lost weight, i had tons of energy, YEPPIE!! it was fantastic. now here i am almost a year later and im sitting here, thinking i have some type of disease, by body feels worn out and old. oh and my belly is boiling super hard, but i havent been able to predict if im going to beef or beltch. sexy!!
i cant believe our doctors dont think all this weight gain and this “”feeling”” has anything to do with gallbladder removal. i look unhealthy. my skin has lost its glow, and its all zitty. oh, and i sweat A LOT.
i used to be a model, for peets sake!!!!!!!!!
i am RUNNING to GNC tomorrow to get those enzymes, liver flush and that fat burning mushroom!
thanks, i hope it works!”