“(Never thought I’d be so happy talking and reading about crap, literally) My Gallbladder was removed two years ago. (which I’m glad about, that pain before was the worst in my life, I thought I was going insane with the missed diagnosis) Any who, I’m not sure if my pooping misfortunes started immediatly or not. If it did, I just didn’t correlate the two. (I don’t think I was told I would have the craps) I do know, I’ve cut off caffiene including my beloved coffee, I’ve cut out sodas even caffiene free, I’ve cut out high fructose corn syrup. Now those didn’t cause my butt to pray to the porcelan God, but they did make me feel nausious. What does cause my Ass Prayers are of course fatty foods, spicy foods, and acidic foods especially tomatoes/tomato sauce, I’ve notice nuts come right back out. Until now, I’ve actually blamed it on “”oh, I guess I’m getting older””, or I assumed, especially with the nuts, they were just cleaning me out. Now, I can’t tell what every thing looks like as it comes back out, but my poopy does change colors. And, for me, sometimes it happens before I even finish a meal. I think the only “”normal”” poops I have, is the one first thing in the morning, other wise, it’s always either loose, or explosive, while I rock back in forth in pain. I also have not been fortunate in the weight loss department, it’s been the opposite. I havnt noticed about Ice Cream, guess I’ll have to eat some tonight and find out! (I say I havn’t noticed because it happens so often, that I don’t always attribute it to a specific food, tomatoes being the first one along with salsa)
Thank you for allowing me to share my shitty comment, I thought I would add to the crap… ”