I guess I was one of the lucky ones with a doctor that laid it on the line. He did tell me that the pain and bloating might not go away. And my surgeon said there may be pain at the incision site for quite a while. I had surgery 2 weeks ago and am doing pretty good. although it appears that that could change. Prior to having surgery my Gastro Dr. put me on Dexilant for my acid re flux and I am still on it. I am also on align probiotics when has also made a huge difference. I have had to cut my portions to half a serving for anything I eat. I can’t eat bananas, spicy food, Smart Balance, anything greasy, fatty, or it appears uncooked. Not bad though, I was worse than that before surgery. I have lost 10lbs and that is a plus. So we will see how this goes. Hopefully I won’t develop other symptoms on down the road. I have had severe stomach problems since I was a kid, so I am praying for the best. By the way, cream of wheat, applesauce, yogurt, some soups , greenbeans and roasted chicken in small quantities seem to work for me so far. We will see what happens Super Bowl Sunday. LOL