Any thoughts? I had my gallbladder removed 2 yrs ago, everything was fine, i experienced the “dumping syndrome” (now i have a name for it) but i have had a problem with that for years and years, other family members do too, figured i had ibs or something. anyway, when i had my sugery they found 3 adhesions, it is my understanding that these normally result from surgery, but i never had surgery before. dr. didn,t know but said these can develop from infection. so i was great, until last summer, woke up the wee hours, vomiting and diarrhea and severe pain in urq. just like my gallbladder. i would have thought i had the flu or something if not for the pain exactly in the same area. since that time i’ve had several more of these “attacks”. but the main problem is i have continuing pain in my “phathom” gallbladder. i can’t see any connection in what i eat it doesn’t seem to matter. i’ve had a ct scan that came back normal. so now i’m going to a specialist. i’m wondering if anyone has any experience with adhesions not resulting from surgery and if they could have been part of my problem all along.