I have had a horrible time post op with nausea. My dr first tried compazine and besides making me extremely tired it didn’t work. He then put me on Zofran and that helped a lot with the nausea. I have also been on Reglan (even before my surgery) because he believed my stomach wasn’t emptying fast enough and that is also suppose to help with the nausea. I’ve been luck only in that I haven’t had too much trouble with diarrhea although I have had it once in awhile. The meds helped but I still felt very bad. Then I started to (and still sometimes have) depression. Was it the meds? I’ve read that Reglan can do that. Was it just that I felt so bad for so long? Hard to tell. I was getting very depressed, so bad that I thought I may need some kind of antidepressants even though I dreaded going on even more medication. At exactly 3 weeks I started to feel slightly better, only occasional nausea. Now I am at 5 weeks and although I feel nowhere near normal I am starting to feel even a little better still. I think I am getting better but it is BABY steps for me. My surgeon just yesterday thinks I should be better so he wants a gastric emptying test and took me off my Reglan. I was scared I might start feeling horrible but so far today I am okay. I hope I am turning the corner for good this time. Try to stay positive, I know how hard it can be. I got little support from my wife, family, and friends that were kind of acting like I was a wimp or something when they have no idea how hard it has been for me to try and function normally when all I wanted to do was lay in bed. See if your doctor can change your meds and ask him/her about Reglan and Zofran, they helped me. Hang in there. My doctor also said that after 6-8 weeks your body should be about how it is going to be. I think this more of week to week thing rather than day to day.