Thank you all , I had gall bladder surgery 8 years ago , and its been living hell, I didn’t associate all my problems with it but you have opened my eyes, I’m not crazy, thank the lord. My best friend is always ragging me to go to the doctor about my problems ( they never could tell me what was wrong) she was amazed how I could eat and run and be in extreme pain with it, now I find I am not alone ( sorry misery loves company) the I.B.S doesn’t help, my big culprits are corn , onions, lettuce ?, and anything with a hard texture so it goes in and comes out again and can take days to pass so I am in extreme pain and have bleeding hemorrhoids which makes it feel like a car is passing through even though it is mostly diarrhea, go figure. But your site has been wonderful in answering all my questions that I COULDN’T GET ANSWERED BY A DOCTOR. People don’t understand how it affects your every day living, you always are looking for prime sitting areas next to the bathroom wherever you go, and you don’t go to a lot of functions for that reason, plus no weight loss for me but a lot of weight gain. I wasn’t given an option, the gall bladder attacks felt like I was dying so surgery was the only way to go , but nobody gives you the negative sides to the surgery , if I knew then what I know now , who knows what I would of done , as this is a living hell I’M in now. I know this is a shitty subject pardon the pun but thank you all for your stories you have given me a medical diagnosis the doctors couldn’t.