Wow,I had to check a few times to make sure what you said was not me.I am going through the exact same thing.I had my gallbladder out Dec 30th,so it’s almost 4mos. now.I have horrible pain constantly.I have tried everything,I sleep standing up leaning over my bed.I refuse to eat,because I worry about the pain getting worse.I’m like you,when a date was set for my surgery,i was so happy…i had already been hurting for 4mos. prior to surgery.I went to the ER 3x’s because it felt like I was dying…anyway the first 3 times I went,the Dr.’s said I had gas.The 4th time i ended up in the er,this Dr. did a hidascan & found that my gallbladder was diseased.Anyway,I have had severe stomach pain for right at 9mos. now,I dont think I can handle it much longer.I have been back to my Dr. a few times,& he acts like maybe I’m not really hurting.This is why I decided to try to find answers online….Dr’s dont give a crap about what is going on.My pain is just the same now as it was before my gallbladder was removed.I sure hope to find an answer soon.I hope you feel better.