I had my gallbladder removed almost 20 years ago. I continue to have a variety of digestive problems – after many visit to various health care professionals and no definitive solutions I realized that the only person who really cared enough about the situation and about me, was ME. Thus began my research, and I was the guinea pig – after about 4 years of suffering with IBS Symptoms (I had been oh so regular before my surgery), I learned about Celiac Disease and eliminated gluten from my diet – Huge change! Little by little I began to understand that my wellness was my responsiblity, this did not mean I ceased to seek professional advice, but that in addition to that I had to be constantly aware of what I put into my body. Here’s what worked for me – No wheat, or gluten containing products – read the label, only low-fat dairy products in moderation, no red meat , fruits and vegetables, lots of water- use caution with vitamins – multivitamins are risky because you just don’t know which ones are upsetting your system. Walk everyday, become mindful of your breathing and your posture, invite the oxygen into the places that hurt (I know this sounds “new agey”, but I’m not, and it works!) Avoid stress (ok, try to avoid stress), get enough sleep – Taking care of ourselves is a privilege, not a task, love yourself enough to do the work. Good Luck