“I had my gall bladder removed in April 2005, since that time I have experienced all the same problems you have. After suffering for over two years and slowly deciding not to eat because food I used to love now just look… painful, I just finished a series of tests. I have a hiatal hernia, gastritis, acid reflux, and after the colonoscopy the dr. informs me that this is a side affect of my missing gall bladder. THE ONLY THING HE CAN SAY IS IT COULD LAST A COUPLE OF WEEKS, YEARS OR FOR SOME VERY UNLUCKY PEOPLE FOREVER! When I finally decided to get help it was at the point that a glass of water would give me D.It became difficult to take care of children when your in the bathroom 5-9 times a day feeling like your going to die because not only is it tiring but the cramping is awful. He gave me welchol it was terrible, so now I only take it when I have to go on a trip or if my stomach has that feeling in the morning I take a half of a pill before work. But I still can’t eat anything but room temperature water and no fat pretzels.

Its sad to see other people also suffering but nice to know I’m not going crazy.