The first word that comes to mind is “”validation!”” I have just read all about my pain. As with most of you, I have been told scar tissue, IBS, possible stones still in, and/or results after GB surgery. I fortunately, do not have as severe pain as alot you. I am sorry that you are going thru this.
I just injured my back and had to have an xray, when I learned almost three years later, that I have a surgical clip in my body. I was shocked! During my post op visit, I mentioned this pain, as well as other symptoms. I now know in my heart that it is caused by this clip.
I am very interested in learning about these metal clips — I read all the posts and noticed several people mentioned them. Has anyone done research? If so, have you gotten anywhere? I would love to learn more about them.
I certainly wish I would have had an option of metal or plastic. I didn’t even know until today I had one. Oh my! My email address is ***@**** If someone has information regarding the clips, again, I would love to learn about it. Thanks again for the validation. I am so grateful to have found this site. ”