I had my GB out twelve years ago. My dumping syndrome always caught me on the Tube going to work – I have a 45 minute journey. After three years of various forms of high excitement I know you all know the feeling, I discovered Questran. I take a Questran powder before going to bed and my dumping syndrome is under control for the next day.Rich foods like lamb,though are best avoided in my book. One word of warning though – gradually I have developed Tinnitus. I have a high pitched engineering type sound in my right ear and it never stops. During the day it is not particularly worrying but now as I type I can hear it clearly.Is it due to the Questran? When I looked up Tinnitus on the Internet I was amazed to see Questran listed as a drug which might cause a side effect of Tinnitus. Mind you there were loads of drugs listed with a possible Tinnitus side effect. As I now need to travel on the underground only three days a week thereby being able to relax at home in the knowledge that I could stroll to the loo, I have tried to cut out a daily Questran powder just to see if I can reduce the Tinnitus. I’ll report back in a few months but I understand that Tinnitus doesn’t go away. Having read all your comments perhaps I am one of the luckier ones anyway and noises in the ears are a small price to pay.