My gallbladder was removed at age 18. The doctor said he’d never seen so many stones in his life and that I was way too young to have gallbladder trouble or so many stones. A few years ago I began having intense pain in my abdomen. I could not eat and I couldn’t even keep water down. I lived on soda crackers and noodles and water, uncomfortably. I did not lose a pound and in fact looked even more bloated. Had an endoscopy and the do toro couldn’t figure out what was wrong. My boss mentioned celiac disease. I asked my doctor for a test and she thought I was crazy but ordered it. By the time I took the test I was already gluten free for a few weeks and the test came back negative. I started eating gluten again. My symptoms came back, I had insomnia, joint pain, headaches, dry eyes, inflamed gums, bloating, GERD. I finally decided to stood eating gluten again and all of those symptoms have disappeared. If I eat gluten one day thinking that I’m not a celiac but rather just sensitive to the stuff, the symptoms come back. I can remember way back when I was young even before I had my gall bladder out having strange symptoms. I have always wondered why the doctor said what he said when he removed my gallbladder and why in the world no one investigated my situation any more. Thanks for sharing the article because now, 20 years later, I finally understand what happened! No more gluten for me, ever!!!