“5/2/08 I had my gallbladder removed Sept. 07. Ever since then, I have frequent diarrhea, a very gurgly intestinal tract, nausia, and discomfort. When these symptoms occur, I feel borderline sick, but not enough to stay in bed. I get very tired and many times a lower back ache and groin ache accompanies this. I cannot pinpoint it to certain foods, it just seems to hit when it wants. It keeps me from doing things and going places.

I only had 1 bad gallbladder attack, but previous to that I had many symptoms that the doctors could not diagnose, such as: pain under right rib cage, pain in groin area, back pain, joint pain, hip pain. They performed ultrasound on all organs, and all seemed fine. They x-rayed my whole lower quadrant-nothing. After months of suffering and finally a gallbladder attack, they tested my gallbladder to see how it was functioning-according to them, it was not functioning correctly, but said I could wait and see if things got worse before I had surgery. I did not have gall stones! I opted for the surgery as my surgeon said there were no ill side effects. (He was wrong.)

Now that I know more, I think I should have done more homework before having the surgery. Gotta go — the bathroom is waiting!! ”