I had my gallbladder removed, too, a couple of years ago, and my upper mid back pain didn’t start until after I had it removed. There must be some connection, but what can be do about it now? Are we plagued with these problems for the rest of our lives??? Anyone, please give us some advice on how to get us to feel better. If I didn’t have my gallbladder removed, it would have eventually burst on me and I would be in a lot of trouble then, according to the doctor! I was tired and sick of all those trips to the hospital with my gallbladder attacks. They got so bad that the doctor said I couldn’t eat any more solid food and that I could only have liquids!!! So, I had no choice but to get it removed. But, yes, these symptoms started AFTER my gallbladder was taken out. Interesting!!! But, a very painful, troubling realization!!!