“I had my gallbladder out in 2005 and started to have problems about 11 months later. Severe upper abdominal pains that radiated to my back. The pain became so severe that I had trouble breathing. I had several MRCP’s but no-one could give me any answers. This sounds hokey but I was watching Mystery Diagnosis and a women had the same symptoms. It turned out she had Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction. I saw an Inter-Gastro doc at UofC here in Chicago and she said (after yet another MRCP) the odds are good that that’s what my problem is. Bad news is that the only place to get tested for this is the Univ of Indianapolis and the testing alone can make the problem worse. SOD is a problem with a duct in the pancreas. Good news is that she doubled up my protonix to 2X a day. This seemed to reduce the amount of episodes I have. The women in the Mystery Diagnosis show had the procedure that my doctor suggested and she never had the pain again. Why did it take 4 doctors and 1 TV show to find this out???

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