Hi Jan, yes this is true, you can get them again, as I was told by another surgeon, not the one who took my gallbladder out! A few years after the removal, I was still having stomach problems and sent for tests for lactose intolerance. It turned out I was – lactose intolerant, and this surgeon told me how to change my diet, otherwise gall stones can form again in other parts of your digestive tract. Lactose intolerance is not the only reason for gallstones forming, just one of many, so read up about the possible causes of them on the internet, ask your doctor and examine your diet as a consequence. In general, cutting down fatty foods cooked in oils, cakes and puddings, as well as creamy, milk based foods and drinks is a good place to start. This sort of diet is often implicated in Chrons disease as well, which is basically inflammation and scarring of the lining of the digestive tract. One of my relatives was taken into hospital with it over Christmas, completely out of the blue, and now has a colostomy bag. My advise, don’t leave it all to doctors, they don’t tell you everything as you found out – do a lot of research yourself then prod them further for answers!