“I suffered from gall bladder disease for 14 years before a massive stone formed and was finally found. I was schedualed for surgery right from the ER and I thought “”yippe! Life is going to get so much better!”” I was so wrong!

Like so many of you I endured food intolerance, bloating, diarrhea within 10-20 minutes of eating anything, and intense depression related to feeling ill all of the time. I am uncertain of my own condition but I now know that chronic diarrhea can lead to potassium deficiency which can be a serious problem that can contribute to so many other heath problems. Dehydration is bad enough but when you don’t have the electrolytes you need for your cells to transfer the fluids you do have you can become very ill. Potassium deficiency can cause thyroid and kidney problems too.
You may benefit from a blood test and supplements if you have low potassium.

I was reading on another board about these problems people face and someone recommended the drug Welchol. Knowing nothing about it I looked it up. It’s classified as a Bile Acid Sequestrant. The drugs are used to reduce bad cholesterol but can help people who suffer from excess bile salt diarrhea related to gall bladder removal. There are three types of BAS drugs but I’ve read that Welchol has worked the best for many people and doesn’t cause gas like the others. However, if you try it and have problems with gas or constipation you may have to work with your doctor on trying a different dosage or a different kind.

I will be going to my doctor as soon as possible to try welchol first.

If you want to know more about Bile Acid Sequestrants go here…


I hope very much that this information can help anyone who reads or posts here. I wish you all good health and happiness! ”