one year ago i went to the hospital because i was in so much pain. They did all of these tests and coun’t find anything wrong. then they put a dye in me and found out that my glabladder hasn’t been working. So they took out my glabladder and i went home one day later. Well the next day i woke up at home and i was in so much pain. My stomach was swollen and i couldn’t breath i was screamig for help. well911 was called and i went to adifferent hospital. The doctor there wouldn’t even listen to me, took one x-ray told me that i was constipated and sent me home. Well that whole night i was screaming and crying. no one knew what to do. well i finally was in so much pain that my body put me to sleep. I woke up 1 hour later itwas 9:00 am. i grabed my mom and told her that if she didn’t get me help i was going to die. So she called the doctor wh did my surgery and they said to go to there office. My mom and her friendhad to almost carry me out t the car. well i get to the doctors office and he said to get me to the hospital now. I get to the hosiptal and the other surgeon saw me and the next thing i remember is waking up in the recovery room all confused. Then i noticed that my sister was there and shelives hours away and family members from everywhere saw me that whole day. No one would tell me what was going on. Well the following day. A doctor came in and told me i was lucky to be alive. It turns out that instead of having 2 tubes from my galbladder to my titestines i had three and only one out of one million people have that. well when they took out my glabladder they didn’t know that. So when they sent me home all of the liqiud from a glabladder was leaking all over my body in inflammed my lives, intestines and my lungs were alomstfilled completly with it. They said if iwas home on more hour i would have been dead. I was in the hospital for 8 weeks, i had 6 surgeries. i was out of work for 6 months. i just don’t get how doctors can mess up like that. Now my hands have scares from all of the needles. I get pains all te time in my stomach and right side. i go to the bathroom like 15 times a day and it is very painful. my immune system has been so bad, i get sick all of the time. I just don’t know what i can do. I get the worst stomach pains, i was just in the hospitalfor stomach pains. I get any sickness around. but what really bothers me is sometimes i get so weak that it is hard for me to walk around. Ijust get so tired. I do drink alcohol is that bad. Please someone right me back!