“I had my gallbladder removed when I was 17. Iam am now 32. Ever since the removal, I still have the same pains. It starts From the middle of the rib cage to the right side, right shoulder, back. I sweat during my attack like crazy. Peoples say I am pale as can be, clammy, Much like a labor pain, It hits hard for a bit. I even try the breathing to help the pain. I have found myself ever since my gallbladder was removed in the ER so many times. They have no explanation for it. I have kept food diaries. Nothing really agrivates it except eggs and bacon and that is not all the time. I could have nothing in my stomach and get an attack. I have tryed vomiting, enemas, hot showers, different positions. These attacks wipe me out and I will sleep like a baby after one for hours. When I awake I feel as someone punched me in the area and it is even tender to the touch.
I have had ultrasounds, cat scans., mri’s, blood tests, and finally a colonoscopy last month. He could only go 1/3 of the way in cause I had so much scar tissue in my intestines. He says I will have to come back in and be put asleep for another one, soon. What is that all about? I had the lapriscopic surgey. Scarring in the intestines?
As for the pain, I have been put on everything from little anti spasms that I place under my tongue to Valuim, anti nauseas to antibiotics. Belladonna to antiacids. Nothing works…
I hate the fact of not know what causes it, how to prevent it, how to stop it, just how to live with it. ”