“I write this years later hoping to save someone the concern and worry I faced at the time.

A few times in the years following the removal of my gallbladder I had attacks, gallstone attacks (there can be no forgetting those!) and the doctors wanted to cut the Sphincter of Oddi, which they concluded finally after several ER visits–and denial by them that there could still be gallstones–but I refused. I’m glad I did, as it was the second last attack I ever had.

Conclusion, I had small gallstones, and small stones(my surgeon told me after), a few must have already been in the bile duct when the Laparoscopic surgery took place. Seems perfectly obvious now and so logical, just surprised the medical profession was so keen to look for other reasons or to find a more harsh solution than was necessary. It’s been 3 years since my last attack, which was a roll around on the floor woozie with some discomfort the rest of the evening.

I now eat normally and sometimes worse. A little too greasy sometimes. But what used to really set me off was avocado, which is quite fatty(though healthy) and a food with one of the highest amounts of magnesium. Magnesium relaxes the muscles(the bile duct is a muscle-Epsom salts are largely comprised of magnesium, hence such a bath relaxes people thoroughly and can even gives them ‘the runs’). And then the bile in the liver is triggered by the avocado’s fat content, there’s then a rush of bile from the liver, down the supple relaxed bile duct, pushing on any last stones, creating an attack. Just magnesium could cause an attack or just fat, the two together… definite attack for me.

Probably 5 of my attacks before and after had been started by avocado, and I love guacamole. So, yeah, patience anyone with those attacks. I wouldn’t advocate surgery on the bile duct unless you’ve explored all your options and waited it out. Eventually all the stones, pebbles, sand, will pass. I now eat my old kryptonite, guacamole and avocados, daily. So, yeah, this will pass, or did in my case.

I would advocate a natural cure as opposed to getting the gallbladder removed, or at least trying it. I was too chicken but sometimes wish I had. Your digestive system will never be perfect again but no big problems.

And to avoid ever getting gallstones, too late for that now– too much dairy and fat, bad fat, gallstones being comprised of cholesterol or calcium. And that’s my take on it. Hope it helps somebody. Good luck.”