“Bile duct stone
ihad my gallbladder out 6 yrs ago,there was a stone in my bile duct, when they took the stone out it shattered, for the past 18 months i have been in agony taking 2 different pain killers and other medication , i had a scan at the start of the pain, the lady who did the ulrta sound said i had a stone in my bile duct, when i called my doctors for the result he said i didn’t have a stone, but i did have an abnormality of the bile duct but it was to do with the shape, i had seen a consultant at the hospital twice, each time i asked him was it possible that when the stone in my bile duct had shattered could it regrow, he said it was possible but highly unlickely, it wasn’t checked, on june 5th was taken 2 hospital by ambulance, was put on antibiotics and had a stone taken out of my bole duct on 10th june, i am so mad as i could’nt go out shopping on my own or go far from the house in the 18 months i had the pain,as i was sick most of the time, i had a bucket at the side of my bed all the time, i felt nobody wanted to help me get rid of the pain, i said to one of the doctors when i went to a + e many times when i had the pain that i would let them give me an injection and put me to sleep, he was horified that i was saying this, but i told him that you would do anything to get rid of the pain, the real bad pain is away now but i’m still getting mild pain on my right side, take it it’s still inflamed. Joyce Ritchie,”