Hi,i am 21 year old female, i have also had the same problems as you. I have now been sick for 5 years, have had my gallbladder and appendix removed, even though they actually did not need to be removed. I Get an attack 2-3 times and year and anytime i undergo surgery it causes me to have an attack. My last attack was in June it started as severe upper right abdominal pain(the pain feels like someone is burning my liver with a lighterl), with vomiting, nausia, low grade fever, and consitpation. My WBC levels were elevated for several days then dropped. Then my liver enzymes and lymphs climed(my dr called it very “bizzare”). I got swollen lypmh nodes in my stomach, throat, and groin, my urin was also redish-brown. Then i started to get sharp stabbing pains in my shoulders, arms, and fingers. I was sick like this for about 2 months, and all my levels started to go back to normal when i saw a doctor who mentioned that i could possibly have Acute Intermittent Porphyria. I still have yet to be diagnosed with it because i have not been tested during an attack. But i am still getting pain and random numbness in my arms, and it has started in my feet, but for some reason is a lot worse in my lower limbs and makes my feet super sensitive. I would mention this disease to your dr, it is a very rare disease, and very difficult do diagnose since the testing has to be done at the right time. I also had an aunty who had the same symptoms as me but suddenly passed away at the age of 33 while having the same attack that i get and they found no reason for her to die(oh and she had such severe nerve damage to her legs she could not walk) But the drs never did put that together and told her it was all in her head since they could not find anything wrong with her spine. But good luck to everyone with abdominal pain, i know how hard it is. I am now going for my 6th surgery for another hernia repair, and will be placed in the hospital for observation incase the stuff that puts you out causes an attack then they can do all the proper tesing they need to do.. wish me luck!!!