I am 42 and I had gall blatter removed when I turned 30. It was horrible after because of the constant running back and forth to the bathroom. It almost sounds funny but let me tell you it is not. I would go and each time i would sit there for so long and having the feeling of forcing a baby out your butt the entire time. I tryed the enzymes and they helped. but… each person is different. I did that for about 2 years and then got a little better… then I stated researching to find out what causes this symptom and then that symptom.year after year.. I have had problems with excess gas, severe bloating, tired and weight gain (that I cant loose) then all that cased high blood pressure, diabeties, artritus, headaches muscle problems. I sound like i am 80 years old and feel it too. IT RUNS IN FAMILIES !!!!!!!! Older people self medicated therefor I did not know my mother had problems and my dad had his removed them my sister, brother of the ones I know about now. I seem to have problems with my body absorbing the good stuff and giving dirreah with the bad stuff.