“I am having the same right upper quad pain as well. it’s been about a years and a half that I have had it. It feels like SOMETHING is there. It comes and goes and I can’t really pinpoint it to any food or anything.

I eat healthy, no fried or greasy foods and I also drink tons of water daily and still, it will not go away. I finally went to ER last night, and left with NO answers. They even did an ultrasound, and didnt see anything. The doc thought it “”might”” be stones caught in my bile duct. (had gallbladder removed many years ago) but that was fine.

I am so frustrated and the dr told me to “”go back on”” the prilosec I stopped taking because I did not need it. And I have to go (back) to a gastroenterologist in two weeks.

When in the ER I told the dr’s that you could actually feel where it was when I sat up.. And not ONE of them sat me up, they all told me to lie down!!

Doctors, for the most part s*ck. They NEVER listen. I am tired of this. I just want to be pain free.”