“Hello: It’s been two years since my gallbladder operation. It took me about a year to finally get completely well. I was nauseous for about 6 weeks before the operation and three months after the operation. I thought I would never feel better again. I only wish I had seen this message board while I was sick. It would have made me feel better knowing that it wasn’t all in my mind. I remember my stomach being so sore and tender and how I couldn’t eat very much at all, I had lost a total of 18 pounds. I would get well and then relapse within a few days as soon as I started to eat normally again. As I said this went on for three months and then my internist prescribed Prevocid for me and within two weeks I was better. She thought that I had developed Gastritis after the Gallbladder was removed. I think she was right, because I did start to get better after taking that medication. The problem was that none of the doctors could understand why I was still having the same symptoms I had before the operation. I wish they would start reading up on the Internet and realize that everyone’s body is not what the textbooks say they are.

The other thing that has happened is that just before the surgery, I had bloodwork done and everything was fine, no elevated liver enzymes which I would get now and then, which the doctors felt were attributed to my gallbladder. Then two weeks after the surgery I had this intense pain in the gallbladder region and almost passed out in the drug store awaiting a pain killer prescription. After being rushed to the emergency room and bloodwork being done, I was told that my liver enzymes were elevated, but that it was probably due to the surgery, that there was really no reason for concern and that I could go home. Well eventually everything did seem to go back to normal and a year later, I went back to my doctor for a cold and my doctor suggested my taking a bloodtest. Well, surprisingly, the bloodtest results showed that I still had elevated liver enzymes. Now she was puzzled and thought maybe I had been taking some sort of vitamins or medication that created this problem. She had a liver function test done and everything came back fine. She then told me to have another bloodtest done 2 mos. later and same thing again, elevated liver enzymes. She then sent me to an Gastroenterologist and he had me go for an ultrasound. Ultrasound showed normal liver, pancreas, everything checked out fine. It seems I’m a mystery to the doctors and now he’s thinking of having me go for a Liver Biopsy, which I’m not too anxious to do, because I understand that is not always conclusive. I feel that the liver enzymes has something to do with the gallbladder being removed. My Gastoenterologist thinks I may have Fatty Liver, which I find hard to believe being that I’m just about 5 pounds overweight. Has anyone else had this happen to them? ”