I had my gallbladder removed the beginning of march of this year. the pain from the surgery went away after about 3 weeks and then about 1 week after that i started getting very irritating pain where the surgery was done. i waited to see if the pain would go away but a week later i still had it so i decided to go to the emergency room. the surgeon that did the surgery wanted to admit me. i was in the hospital for 5 days going through cat scans, ultra sounds, mri, blood tests and they also did an upper and lower endoscopy to rule out a flare of my ulcerative colitis. when they concluded that there was NOTHING wrong with me the surgeon sent me home with some vicoden and said the pain would go away. that was about 2 weeks ago the the pain is still there. it seems to get worse as the day goes on being very minimal when i wake up. i went to my primary care doctor and they told me it could be my abdominal wall. the muscles arent healed yet… the only problem is my surgery was 2 months ago. now a week later the pain is STILL there and is NOT getting better. its a constant pain under the right side of my rib cage that seems to radiate around my right side to my back and sometimes radiate to the left side of my stomach. im sick of being blown off and i cant stand doctors lookin at me like im some kinda head case. im only 22 so they cant imagine why i am having these problems but I AM so help me please!!!!! does this sound like any problems any of u are having?