“Hi, I just had my gallbladder removed in June. I developed many problems post op and still have pain, burning and nausea- I was better before the surgery.
I went into the hospital about 3 weeks post-op and had several tests- all of which were negative. I am now about 8 weeks post-op.
I have a history of allergic reaction to titanium implants. I fractured my ankle 5 years ago- had too many problems to go into —but the doctor had determined, a year later, that I had osteomyelitis and I had a scheduled debridement and hardware removal done 11 months after the fracture. They discovered that I did not have an infection. I had inflammation due to the metal implants – and it was determined I was allergic to them.
Now, this doctor that took my gallbladder out knew that I was allergic to metal implants. I only saw him the week before surgery—-never again- not even when I was in the ER after the surgery. It was in my medical chart that I was allergic to metal. He never told me he was implanting metal clips in me. If I had been told, I would have ensured that would not have happened. But, I was not informed.
The second admission to the hospital is when my internal medicine doctor finally asked the gallbladder surgeon if he had used metal clips for closure and sure enough- he had. I did not know until then.
I am now going to see another surgeon and demand that they be removed. In this case, I knew I was allergic to titanium, he knew too and still he used the clips.
But, others here may have the same problem- a metal allergy.
I found a website http://www.melisa.org/ that tests specifically for metal allergy. It is more common than you think.
I am just starting this fight and I hope that the new surgeon will remove the clips. I am now aware that other things have metal in them(such as dental fillings) and I will look into that also as I have several autoimmune disorders that could be linked to metal allergy.
Hope that the website helps for some here.
Kathy ”