“Hi Folks,
Boy this gallbladder stuff is the worst. I had mine out may 2005 and have had pain and a bout of pancreatitis since. Had an MRCP,it was ‘normal’ saw a specialist in Boston and I`m having an endoscopic ultrasound on friday. THe doc thinks this is what my problem is… check this out and if you cant get to the link from here, http://www.indiana.edu/%7Eengs/hints/oddi.html
just type in ‘Sphincter of Oddi or bile duct spasms’ into your search engine. The pain I`ve had is the exact as before I had my gallbladder removed, actually its worse. The docs treated me like I was crazy till my pancreatic enzymes shyrocketed. Personally I think all docs should have to experience undiagnosed illness for a few months before the get their MD.
Anyway, if you have the same kind of pain and your doc is shrugging his shoulders (they take a class in that I think!) check this out… it makes sense to me!
Hope EVERYONE fares well!
Lexxi ”