“Hi, I hope this information offers hope to some of the ladies suffering extreme pain. Around 6 months ago my wife (46yrs old) started to have abdominal pain. She was given antacid tabs etc, nothing helped. The pain got worse and more frequent and was now accompanied by severe vomiting which usually came after the pain had built to almost unbearable levels. She ultimately had her gall bladder removed as the ultasound scan revealed disease of the gall bladder. Stones basically.

1 operation later and we find ourselves in the middle of a nightmare. Same pain as before, but more frequent and worse. She cried it was so bad. The vomiting was violent.

I researched the net and was convinced she had sphincter oddi syndrome.

She was passed from doctor to doctor with no joy. After 1 particularly bad attack, and by now she was finding it difficult to breathe during an attack, I took her to A&E and refused to leave until they admitted her and diagnosed the problem.

1 MRI scan later they discovered some loose stones had made their way into the bile duct and become trapped. She will have them removed next week and we assume all will be well after that.

I’ll keep you posted.

Please, if you are suffering extreme pain as my wife was, insist they keep you in hospital and give you every possible blood test and scan available. Be rude if you have to. The nicer you are, I find they assume it can’t be that bad and dismiss you easily.

You are entitled to a cure. It’s your right, not a privilege.

I truly hope this helps a little. If you are suffering…there is a reason and there is a cure. Insist they find both.”