“gB surgery seems like a recommendation that the doctors get to pretty quickly. In my case the PCP heard my complaints of abdominal pain attacks, ordered an ultrasound. That found gallstones. Pain + gallstones = surgery, even though my pain locations were atypical for GB disease. I never even saw a GE — went straight from my PCP to a surgeon.

Turns out the GB had nothing to do with my pain. Don’t have a GB anymore, still have pain, looks like it’s stomach spasms. Fortunately there were no complications from that useless surgery. Just a few cute scars, perhaps some ongoing sensitivity to fatty foods, and some out-of-pocket expenses I didn’t need to pay.

A doctor told me “”sometimes the treatment is itself a form of diagnosis””. In other words, it may be your GB, we’ll cut it out and see if that’s the problem. I do understand the concept, but hate to surrender my organs 1-by-1 to narrow down illnesses!! ”