“I had my gallbladder out last Saturday. It has only been a week, I know but I am pretty sure I have dumping syndrome. I read that if you had this diarrhea problem PRIOR to the surgery, it is probably NOT related to the gall bladder. That just does not make sense to me.
My gallbladder was so necrotic and gangrenous that I am sure it was not working for quite sometime, despite my having only ONE attack. If my gallbladder is not functional, isn’t it fair to say that you would have an excess of bile thus causing diarrhea? It only makes sense to me.

So, here’s my take on it. All my doctors act as if gallbladder removal is as simple and symptom free as removing a wart. The did not inform me as to what to watch out for, what to expect. I am now VERY concerned that at 37, my QUALITY OF LIFE, has been diminished because of my frantic trips to the bathroom. It may seem like a small problem in lieu of other problems, but when you measure your life by its “”quality”” it is a serious problem and should be treated that way.

I have yet to meet ONE gallbladder removal patient who has NOT experienced this problem. Granted, I had no choice but to remove the gallbladder as it was severely infected and gangrenous. I did not want to die. That being said, WHY does it seem that the surgeons who perform our operations, refuse to properly inform us? Are we not adults who deserve the whole picture? Can’t we be trusted with the information?
Sorry for this diatribe, but I am too young to limited in this way. It makes me angry. Thanks for listening. ”