I am a Registered Dietitian who had my gallbladder removed several years ago. I am 43 now, and was 36 when it was removed. The gallbladder is what allows your body to breakdown fats (by utilizing the bile stored there to allow your body to digest fat). I, too, have had many challenges with what foods I can eat (and what my body will tolerate). The best thing I found worked for me was not eating any foods that are very fatty. This doesn’t mean don’t ever eat good tasting food ever again….but choose what foods are important to you and if it’s worth the ensuing pain it creates. I was told post-op that in about 6 months, my body would adapt and digest everything fine…………..not true at all!!! So know that you’re not alone, and that, with time, you will find what foods you can tolerate and which ones are better left alone or eaten occasisonally. Hope I helped and good luck!