I spent the last decade having doctors tell me my symptoms were unrelated, give me handfuls of drugs, then telling me as I got sick on their drugs that they could irradiate my thyroid, or take out my gallbladder or check me out for a hysterectomy. Beware of any doctore who can’t explain all your symptoms, but expects to cure you by cutting something else. That’s how you know a doctor is either kidding you or himself about his abilities.
The gallbladder, thyroid, tonsils, appendix, etc. are all “”unnecessary”” organs they can milk my HMO and me to pay for, without actually helping me. They need to dissdect their medical training, not me.
I’m just so mad that I had to spend so much money, time and evaporating trust in humanity to find one good doctor out of the hundreds. I once had two teams of doctors at Emory and Peidmont healthcare systems in Atlanta, all telling me I needed more antibiotics and steroidal anti-inflammatories. I nearly died, and was certainly put out of commission for months. This time, I ended up desperate in an ER with few choices, and should have gathered what little strenght I had to go back to teh one doctor I trust. Maybe I should just shut up and be happy to find one good doctor and be recovering, but I’d much rather put this spit and vinegar to good use changing the system. I can’t stand to think people are having to go down the same dead ends as me and have non-infected organs removed simply because the organ is crying “”uncle”” because it is toxic”