Oh my gosh. I was hoping to find answers when I found this, but now I am just plain scared. My daughter is 12 and was having a lot of stomach issues. After a lot of visits to the doctor and a lot of testing, I was told her gallbladder was functioning at 17% and needed to come out. I was told there really wasn’t any other options to this and it was definitely necessary and the answers to her problems. So, at 12 years old, she had her gallbladder taken out, this was on March 23. Now, she is having so much recurrent stomach pain and cramping that she is missing so much school I am afraid she will fail. I have called our primary care doctor who sent me back to the surgeon. Then, the surgeon sent me to the walk in clinic because they couldn’t get her worked in. The walk in clinic sent me to the ER who did a CT scan and said everything was normal and to return to school. I have gotten calls from the school nurse to pick her up because she is in so much pain they don’t know what to do with her. I am at the end of my rope and feeling very helpless as a mother right now. I am so in hopes that I did not make a mistake and a bad decision for her health and her future. Any advice and/or answers would be greatly appreciated.