Just thought I would chime in here. I had my Gall bladder out going on 4 years ago I am male and now 34. I ate like a typical kid and teenager and drank pop like it was water so it happened one night in a severe Gall bladder attack, I killed it. I had to have it out the discussion was had while I was on morphene and I can say that I was advised that I should be able to go back to ewating pizza and fries with no issues. They Lied

At first I lost like 30 lbs, I have now gained half of that back. For the last year or so My depression and lethargy were getting progressivly worse I could time the bathroom runs to 45 minutes after anything that contained Nitrates or was High in fat. My job suffered and so did my life outside of work. I have been sick more now than I have been in years.

In the last month though I feel like a new man. I have started taking digestive enzymes with my meals take 1000mg of Vit D every day and a probiotic drink every AM. The bathroom runs have lessened, but still happen, but I have energy again. The fog has lifted over me and I now know that the last years was sue to malnutrition.

Was in store for the future I think some Fatty acid suplements may be added and acidopolus? My co-worker swears by the stuff. Best of luck out there.

Remember Doctors are “”general”” practitioners and do not know us as well as we do. together we can come together and share our stories and learn for each other but they will never admit that they do not know.”