Hello everyone. 5 years ago I got my gall bladder removed. Not because I had issues with it, but because they happened to find one in an Xray. I’ve always been healthy & skinny my whole life and lucky to have a fast metabolism. After my gall bladder was removed, it took a while for the chronic and painful diarrhea to take effect. I have been given cholestyramine which does work. However, I’m not one to take medications because I believe in natural ways to cure myself. I did notice that after eating a heavy pasta meal, my symptoms were even worse. So I did an experiment and my conclusion: Go Gluten Free! I have been doing it and everything is solid now! I feel normal again. I still eat food with the same amount of oil and none of them give me problems. I wish doctors would be more creative to find solutions rather than give us all these medicines. Try it and read into gluten. [ NOTE : This Testimony is an example of medical fraud, GB removed for no just reason and now this person is on medication for life]