I too have had this pain for almost 2 years…had all of the gallbladder test which came back healthy but they took it out anyways…the pain came back almost instantaneously after my surgery..then the MD thought I had pancreatic stones…I then had more scopes done..scopes into my pancreas. They discovered I had sphincter of ode disorder. Where your sphincter muscle is uncontrolled and also my duct is quite small…I had a stent put into my pancreas which subsided my pain for about 3 days… The drs then pretty much said there was nothing more they could do but start pain therapy.. I am now 23 weeks pregnant and my pain has doubled. I believe there is something more to my pain, bit now there is nothing they can do until I have my baby.. I always said there was more than just pain but the MD didn’t have proof so he didn’t agree… I am only 21 years old but I feel like my body is telling me something is wrong.. But I cannot do anything until after January and then I won’t have time to worry about myself :/