I had my gall bladder out 3 years ago and after 6 months, I couldn’t eat anything or I’d be sick. I took a medication called colested (or something like that) for bile dumping from my liver. It helped. However, I still have problems about half the month with my stomach, leaving me nauseated and foggy-headed and hot flashes (not menapausal related). I do better if I eat smaller meals, but sometimes, I can’t function for a few days. The doctor told me that there are about 120 enzymes in our stomach and any of these can create havoc once your gall bladder is out. I have problems with hypoglycemia since my surgery as well. I have learned that alot of people have their gall bladder out that may not need it. I encourage you to talk to a “legitimate” naturaopathic doctor before you decide on surgery. Gall Bladders can be working poorly and natural medicaitons can help improve their function resulting in NO surgery at all!