“I’m struggling w/ the same problems. Exhausted, liver pain, brain fog, insomnia, indigestion. I went to the gastro doc and he essentially told me my pain is fictitious. Like I said, if the know you’ve had your GB out then you are useless to them and they just politely kick you out. The gastro doc told me I have gas pain and give me a little sampler box of a high fiber cereal. I told him I take psyllium and eat salad every day as well cholestyramine. My symptoms don’t fit IBS.

Pancreatitis is a problem – be careful with that. I had pancreatitis, that’s why my GB is out – bummer.

The Liver Flush won’t hurt you though. The oil lubes everything up and the stones come flying out. And believe me, I have tons of stones in me, even though I have no GB.

I should mention that there are things that help bile flow. Bile flow is important for everyone. It helps blow the stones out. Things like Mint, tumeric, dandelion, cumin and artichoke help bile flow. I take something called Stone Free that has a mix. I also take something called guggul lipids that increases bile flow and increases HDL. Most people w/ stones have bad cholesterol (like me). That’s why diet is so important. I eat really really light and exercise constantly. I take fish oil to increase HDL and lower LDL also. With all of this, I still have my down days. The other thing is fiber – it really helps clean out junk and helps the liver do its job. The liver has to work so hard.

I just want to be free of this.

I have this pet theory that chronic fatigue and liver congestion are one in the same.

You have to ask yourself why so many people have this problem. I think it’s from horrible stuff in the diet like trans-fatty acids,
too much carbohydrate and terrible high fructose corn syrup.

I bet this is more info than you wanted.