“ascites post op gall bladder removal
My surgery was on 4/24/12. I dropped to my knees six days later. After being treated like an addict and psych patient at two different hospitals, the third one finally admitted me with an ascites. I was in such bad shape so the gi Dr didn’t even do the hydascan, he just went and put the stent in. I had lost ten pounds after I left the hospital, so angry at the Dr that butchered my insides when he carelessly removed my gall bladder, fighting with short term disability, can’t go back to work in the ambulance where I work till I’m strong enough to list 150lbs and the pain that I’m still having is breaking me down. The drs won’t prescribe pain meds becauaw they do think the pain is in my head and is all psych related. Little do they know. I have a law degree, psych degree and four months away from being a paramedic. I work for the same hospital that treated me like less than a person and failed to diagnose an obvious medical emergency. With all these similar stories I have just read, they are only tools for my case to get justice for all of us!!! Everyone, I will do my best!! This healthcare system and our government needs a goodbutcher job just like we had. By the way, my abdomen started filling up with fluid again. I am 5’http://lifewithnogallbladder.com/forums/topic/operation-complications/”. Only 128lbs and look five months pregnant. Hope to make it through the day, Friday morning is when the gi dr takes the stent out”