This last year, I had horrible pain at the upper stomach and went to the doctor, after many tests, it was determined that my Gall Bladder was not working at it’s best. Six months later, same problem, but with more pain, went to the ER, they determined I did not have Gall stones, gave me strong pain medicane, went home. I just had my Gall Bladder out about 3 months ago, hoping that that was that. Not true. First the Doctor tells me that it is gastritis and to take Prilosec OTC and Gas Ex and that will settle my stomach. Last night I had the same horrible pain in the upper stomach. Took some strong pain pill and just sat it out. Can’t afford another visit to the ER for strong pain medicine. I thought this was supposed to be over and now the same pain. I live in fear each day if that pain will come back. Have another appointment with the doctor. I feel like I’m living in hell.