I had my gallbladder removed almost 2 years ago, The doctors don’t tell you all the problems you will have afterwards. If i have plans to go out i cannot eat or drink anything for atleast a day prior to the day i am going out. And i certainly DO NOT eat or drink while i am out. I get severe pains where my gallbladder was. I was told that is my liver, or phantom gallbladder pains. I have no energy, sometimes every bone in my body hurts. I catch every cold or bug that’s going around. I don’t drink any kind of alcohol I don’t drink anything carbonated and i watch what i eat, but none of that has stopped the diarrhea or the chronic pain. In fact I was in the hospital for 3 days, due to uncontolled high blood pressure. And the doctor suggested I might have crohns disease but his discussion of it ended there. He gave me a script for my blood pressure and zoloft, as he said the pains were a sign of depression. I took the zoloft for a week. It had me shaking and very nervous, like i was waiting for something bad to happen. I didn’t have those feelings before the zoloft, so I stopped taking it. I don’t think depression was the correct diagnosis. I would just like to find someone to give me the answers I need. And i would like to have my life back.